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STATE OF ART - Open Source DashBoard and Business Intelligence solutions

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raphaël MORALY

on 16 April 2013

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Transcript of STATE OF ART - Open Source DashBoard and Business Intelligence solutions

Open Source DashBoard
and Business Intelligence solutions STATE OF ART InstantOLAP Features Advantages Disavantadges RapidSentilyzer Features Advantages Disavantadges SpagoBI Features Advantages Disavantadges Quad Base Features Advantages Disavantadges PENTAHO Features Advantages Disavantadges SWING DASHBOARD Features Advantages Disavantadges OpenWebAnalytic Features Advantages Disavantadges TraceWatch Features Advantages Disavantadges SOLUTION Web analytics tool Open source and free Run on personal server No mention of NoSql Modules have to be built in Php Web analytics tool

Open source and free

Run on personal server Easy to install (short tutorial) Multilingual software Customizable Limited indicators and no easy way to create new ones Php and MySql server needed BI solution Build OLAP cubes Build dashboard and report Web browser used for edition Interactive charts Report exportation Very expensive (only one user in the free version) Extend the user interface by adding personals data

Add customs modules

Create new reports

Request data from a personal database Combines :

efficient crawling techniques

power of data and text mining

Automatically categorizes the latest news according to sentiments and opinions Open Source

Easy to use portal solution

No configuration efforts InetSoft Features Advantages Disavantadges Sonar Features Advantages Disavantadges Piwik Features Advantages Disavantadges SQL Power Features Advantages Disavantadges VANILLA Features Advantages Disavantadges Not so much Indicators

Bad interface

limited number of users displays Key Performance Indicators proactive monitoring Table, Table navigation toolbar, Font field, Image field, Color field, ComboBox, Date/Date SQL field main components 100% Free / 100% OpenSource Free Open source Java based NoSQL connector for MongoDB No web support for the interface Permit us to implement more functionalities Huge platform Lot of differents modules Huge work of implementation complete open source BI ETL (Data Integration), Reporting, Dashboards, Ad-hoc analysis (applications on request), Multidimensional analysis (OLAP), Data Mining
100% open source

Complete and flexible Business Intelligence suite

KPI in "real-time"
create & deploy report
use ETL functions
screen Olap view
organize metrics data
Key performance indicators
Saas mode
Web Portal
Workflow Use java, GWT and all DataBase Connectors •Standard report
•Custom DashboardsAd-Hoc Queries
•Line, Bar & Pie Charts
•Drill-down OLAP cubes
•Real-time BI Reporting
•Easy to use drag & drop interface
•No SQL knowledge required
•Open Source, Free Download drag-&-drop playpen
live result-set updates
global searching
WYSIWYG report formatting
no custom coding or Javascripting is ever required Customizable dashboard

Drag and drop feature for the widgets

Google analytics like No NoSQL connector
No native export of dashboard
No free documentations Free

Fully Open source

Developed in PHP and MySQL Not developed in Java

Not available for the web Created to manage code quality

Balance between efficient views and dashboards Free

Open source

Developed in Java Doesn't really fit our need

Dashboards are not the keys points of the solution

Do not use PHP A specialized dashboard solution

Customizable dashboard Developed in Java

Adapted for the web

A lot of different widgets/dashboards

Provides evolved statistics Not free Developed in Java

Adapted for the web

A lot of different widgets/dashboards Not free

not fully open source Vanilla JEE and Web 2.0 Architecture
Permit advanced dashboard :
integration card (google map)
flash Graphic
drop down list, radio button Need Javascript and html skills
No completely free Project Objectives Todays Objectives Provide different kind of report and activity indicators centralize inside a dashboard Open source

Free to use

Multiples dashboard widgets: Rotate, Table, Line Trend Realize a benchmark of the differents openSource Business Intelligence platform that provide those kind of dashboard Complex Architecture

No web interface Allows organizations to build highly actionable Self-service

KPI dashboards

Web-based publishing without programming Create and deploy dashboards without any administrative or development overhead

Easy to use

a simple thin-client environment Not Open source

Not Free
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