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world water day - mozambique

No description

Chang Hyun Kim

on 20 March 2013

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Transcript of world water day - mozambique

By Ayse Hincal and Chang Hyun Kim World Water Day - Mozambique UN World Water Day Mozambique - General Information Located in the south of Africa
LEDC country
Life expectancy - 49.7 years old
Infant mortality rate - 76.85 deaths per 1,000 live births
GNI - $3,747 billion.
Literacy rate - 56.1%
The Netherlands:
Life expectancy - 80.7 years old
Infant mortality rate - 5 deaths per 1,000 live births
GNI - $385,401 billion
Literacy rate - 98.3% Situation in Mozambique Solutions to the Problem 2007 - new water treatment plant.
Makes water more available and cleaner for different uses - like drinking, medical and business.
Water purification (act of cleaning).
The cost was €5.6 million.
Involved with other countries for their water projects.
The Netherlands
UNICEF World Water Day video When is it held? What is the purpose of it? 22 March To focus on the importance of freshwater
To gain support
To promote clean and safe water 2013 World Water Day The Hague, The Netherlands Theme: Water Cooperation Access to improved water
Urban: 77%
Rural: 29%
Average: 47% Access to sanitation
Urban: 38%
Rural: 5%
Average: 18% People get water from fountain and it takes about 2 hours Children
health problem
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