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The Colorado Cancer Plan: Who, What, and Why?

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Cathy Bledsoe

on 29 August 2014

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Transcript of The Colorado Cancer Plan: Who, What, and Why?

Colorado Department
of Public
Health & Environment
Colorado Cancer Coalition
Quality of Life
Task Force
Breast Cancer Task Force
Cancer Task
8 other Task Forces
Colorado Cancer Plan
Partners with CDPHE to develop cancer plan objectives
Informs Comprehensive Cancer Program Work Plan
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
Directs CDPHE's work through grants and national priorities
Houses the state cancer plans
(The state health department)
(The state-wide cancer coalition for Colorado; 501(c)(3)
non-profit agency)
These organizations are independent, but overlap in both membership and work
Rural &
Regional Coalitions throughout Colorado
Individual Hospitals and Hospital
Members of the Healthcare Team:
Physicians, Nurses, Navigators, Psychosocial Health, etc.
Where do you fit?
American Cancer Society
Screening Systems Specialists (S3's)
The Cancer Plan contains our STATE-WIDE goals and objectives for cancer prevention and control for the next 5 years.
Every state and tribal region has a cancer plan, and all of them can be found at CancerControlPlanet.cancer.gov
Why have a Cancer Plan?
Align organizations with others doing similar work throughout the state

How is the Cancer Plan Organized?
What can you do?
An Example...
A goal focused on decreasing smoking rates would impact not only lung cancer, but also oral cavity, bladder, kidney, pancreas, colorectal, etc.
By combining goals from multiple task forces under the umbrella of "prevention", we can better collaborate and combine resources.
Many cancers share risk factors with others cancers
Make our state look good!
Grant funding
Reduce duplication of efforts
Combine resources
Bring together diverse stakeholders
Discuss what your organization wants to prioritize over the next 5 years
Share your feeback with the ACS S3's
Join a task force and attend regular meetings (many available remotely)
Contribute to writing the cancer plan goals
So now that you know what the cancer plan is and who is involved...
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