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American Symbols

Kindergarten lesson on the symbols of America

Margaret Musella

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of American Symbols

American Symbols! A symbol is anything that stands for or represents something else! The Liberty Bell The Liberty Bell is a symbol of freedom.
It was rung to announce important events like the signing of the Declaration of Independence and Presidential elections. The bell weighs 2000 pounds and cracked during its first test ring in 1752. The Statue of Liberty The Statue of Liberty is a
symbol of welcome.

A gift from the French, the Statue of Liberty greeted immigrants as they came to the United States. She was sent to America in 350 pieces and is 305 feet tall. The American Flag What is a symbol? Here's an American Symbol video to help us learn the important symbols used to represent America. The American Flag is a symbol of patriotism.

The colors of the flag are red, white and blue.
There are 50 stars to represent 50 states.
The 13 stripes represent the first thirteen colonies.
First made by Betsy Ross, the American flag has changed de-signs many times but it always shows one indivisible nation. The Bald Eagle The Bald Eagle is a symbol of strength.

The word ‘bald’ does not mean hairless, but instead means white. Bald eagles do not have any predators and are considered symbols of courage and strength. The White House The White House is a symbol of leadership

The White House is where the President and his family live. The President’s office, the Oval Office, is also here. In total, the White House has 132 rooms. Can you remember an important American Symbol? http://www.brainpopjr.com/socialstudies/citizenship/ussymbols/ http://www.texaslre.org/asymbols/symbolsgame.html http://pearsonschool.com/index.cfm?locator=PS19Z4
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