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Outside Reading Book: Saving Max by Antoinette van Heugten

No description

Caitlin Sebesta

on 10 June 2011

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Transcript of Outside Reading Book: Saving Max by Antoinette van Heugten

About The Author:
Antoinette van Heugten was born in Houston, Texas and is now living in
Fredericksburg, Texas. Once
older she had a career as an
international trial lawyer,
but retired to become a novelist instead. This novel is a fast paced guessing game about a teenage boy, Max Parkman. This boy hasn't had the easiest life in dealing with Aspergers and other yet-to-be diagnosed syndromes. Once his mother, Danielle Parkman, discovers his journal holding an intricately planned suicide she decides to send Max to the well known Maitland Psychiatric Asylum. She felt this would be for the best, in order for proper medicine related to his syndrome to be administered. Once Max is admitted into Maitland Danielle visits the asylum daily, but comes to find Max taking a turn for the worse instead of improving. During this energy draining and time consuming battle Danielle values the support of a new friend, Marianne, who also has a son in the facility, Jonas. Everything seems to be moving slowly but surely in her sons diagnosis, until Danielle finds Max unconscious, along with Jonas brutally stabbed, in a room covered in blood. "The agonizing moments are almost at an end; they are steps away from the door--when it opens. Nurse Kreng stands in the doorway. Her scream splits the silent death of the room, the stark white of her uniform shrieks murder to the unholy red on the walls" (108 Heugten). This quote relays the horrifying fact that Danielle can't escape what has happened with Max and Jonas; the brutal murder is there for everyone to see. This traumatizing incident leaves Danielle to pull out all of the evidence and missing pieces, in order to save her sons life. Everyone feels that Max is the culprit in the death of Jonas, but Danielle knows her son better. In the quote "Sweat pours from her body for the next twenty minutes as her eyes fix on the mirror, waiting for the police to arrest her and take her away. Like the thief she is" (Heugten 153) it is shown that Danielle will fight to all ends in order to prove his innocence, even if it means losing her own. This story will take you through a crime scene and all of it’s puzzling pieces, revealing who was indeed behind this brutal murder in the end. Danielle will go through much pain and risk, along with her lawyer Tony and his assistant Doaks, to prove what's right. Along the way many hidden secrets will be revealed, leading to show that some people aren't who they appear to be after all.The quote "The courtroom is in a pandemonium. The judge stands at her bench in earnest conversation with her bailiff. Langley sits in his chair in a state of shock" (Heugten 358) shows just how surprising the outcome will be. Reviw:
Although this book is long it's filled with surprising events so you'll read through it very fast.It definitely had the elements to make you think and feel like you were there in the story trying to figure out the case alongside the characters. Its use of imagery was very good, with much description whether it be in scenes or in the feelings of the characters. Overall I thought that this book was very intriguing and it would appeal to anyone, especially people who like mystery. Saving Max: By Antoinette van Heugten Movie Trailor
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