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Faith, Hope and Ivy June

Independent Novel Study Presentation

Michaela Riopelle

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of Faith, Hope and Ivy June

Faith, Hope and Ivy June By: Phyllis Reynolds Naylor Plot Summary Elements of Plot Exposition: In the exposition of the story, Faith, Hope and Ivy June, there are 10 main characters. The 10 main characters include Ivy June [a 13 year old girl who lives in Thunder Creek, Kentucky], Papaw (Ivy June's grandpa that works in a mine in Thunder Creek), Miss Dixon (Ivy June's teacher), Jessie (Ivy June's older sister), Shirl (Ivy June's best friend), Ma and Daddy (Ivy June's parents), Catherine (girl from Lexington, Kentucky), Mammaw (Ivy June's grandma), and Grandmommy (Ivy June's great grandma). This story starts as a journal entry written by Ivy June describing how she thinks the exchange program will turn out. She writes this entry in a very informal and pessimistic tone. The exposition of the story Faith, Hope and Ivy June takes place during modern times in Thunder Creek, Kentucky.

In the novel "Faith, Hope and Ivy June", the main turning point was when the school in Thunder Creek announced to the town's people that there had been an accident in the mine. This point in the story was very intriguing and emotional for both the characters and the readers because Papaw, one of the main characters, was working in the mine while the accident occurred. In the story no one had any idea of what was happening so Ivy June's family was very emotional. At this point of the novel, the story turned from joyous and optimistic to gloomy and pessimistic.

In this story the falling action is when the firemen announce to Ivy June's family that there are six miners still alive in the mine. One of the six men was Papaw. At this point a load of tension was lifted off of Ivy June's family. They began to start believing that it was possible they'd see Papaw again.

In this novel the resolution was when the rescue team found a tunnel in toward where Papaw and the other five men were trapped. Once they found the passage they were able to save the miners. Papaw was saved and the family was joyous once again. This situation was fortunately resolved for the better. Climax: Falling Action: Resolution: Before I read this novel, I used one reading strategy, in particular, questioning. I questioned what the story was going to be like. By looking at the cover and the description, you're able to get a brief example of the main idea. For example, in this story the author tells you that two girls participate in an exchange program to learn how each of them live. Although, I still questioned some details in the story like what happened to their loved ones, or how the two girls are worlds apart.

During the novel I used many reading strategies such as connecting and inferring. I used connecting in many ways but one particular example of when I used it was when I read chapters 36-38. I made a connection-to-world. In this part of the story, Ivy June's grandpa along with six other miners got trapped inside the flooded mine. This reminded me of when New Orleans had an enormous flood. Similarly, all the citizens were trapped with no supplies, food or water.I inferred when I read chapter 31. In this chapter, the author wrote how Ivy June's family could only bathe outside in a bucket. I inferred that Ivy June's family doesn't have a lot of money. If they had more money, they would be able to bathe in an actual bathroom. During: After reading this novel I mainly used evaluating. I used evaluating to form an opinion of the whole text. My opinion was that the novel "Faith, Hope, & Ivy June" was a great novel. It was creative and intriguing yet realistic. It was a great choice for a novel. Conflicts: In this novel there are many different examples of conflict. Some types of conflict that were used are Person vs. Person, Person vs. Nature and, lastly, Person vs. Self. The author used Person vs. Person when Ivy June was fighting with Shirl. In the story Catherine had to stay with Ivy June's family for two weeks while she was participating on an exchange program. Ivy June and Catherine became friendly which made Shirl jealous. Shirl and Ivy June started to fight which is Person vs. Person. The author also used Person vs. Nature as seen when the mine flooded in Ivy June's town, Thunder Creek. A flood is a natural disaster which means it is Person vs. Nature.
The last type of conflict was Person vs. Self. In the story Ivy June had a personal struggle before she went away to Catherine's house in Lexington for the exchange program. Catherine's lifestyle was much different than Ivy June's. Ivy June lived in poverty while Catherine lived in luxury. Ivy June was worried because she didn't know if Catherine's family would accept her. Literary Devices: In this story there was one literary device used, foreshadowing. The example of foreshadowing was when Mammaw, Ivy June's grandma, said that trouble comes in threes. This statement gave out a hint that, since two bad things had already occurred, one more terrible event was going to happen to the family. Rising Action: In this story there are many events which build from the conflict. After the flood in the mine started (Conflict), all of the families were called and told to stay in the local church until the miners were safe. While the families of the miners stayed in the church many little events happened. Some of these events were how the families joined together to pray, sing or eat. Also, they pulled together to listen to the rescue team when they updated the people on the status of the mine. All of the families did whatever they could to keep calm while they waited for their family member to be rescued. Main Conflict: The main conflict is Person vs. Nature (flood). In this story the main conflict was when a massive flood filled the mine with water trapping all of the miners. It was a huge struggle for the families of those trapped and for the miners. The whole town helped as much as they could to help free the miners from the flooded mine. Before: After: Reading Strategies I've read the novel, "Faith, Hope and Ivy June". First of all in this story there are fifteen main characters including Ivy June, Catherine and their families.
Secondly, this story takes place in two main areas, Thunder Creek, Kentucky and Lexington, Kentucky.
The story takes place over a two week period.
The main conflict in the story is Person vs. Nature as a massive flood takes place in a Thunder Creek mine. Many of the miners either passed away or struggled to remain safe in the flooded mine.
This conflict was resolved when the rescue team drilled a tunnel through the mine and rescued the remaining miners. An important fact about this story is that the two girls, Ivy June and Catherine, participated in a two week exchange program taking turns living each others' lifestyles.
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