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Stay With Me

No description

shinnay Richards

on 23 October 2015

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Transcript of Stay With Me

"Stay with Me"
by Sam Smith

Kairos of the song (cultural/historical context)
Rhetorical appeals
How is the speaker/narrator presenting his or her case?
The speaker presented his case in two meaningful verses and a repetitive chorus. He repeated the chorus four times, which emphasizes the importance of those specific lyrics for his audience.
Oh, won't you stay with me?
'Cause you're all I need
This ain't love, it's clear to see
But darling, stay with me

How does the music lend itself to convincing you of his/her point of view?
Throughout the chorus, we hear a harmonizing choir. The vocals of the choir went along with the speakers voice in a beautiful way. It's as if the choir was confirming the truth of the speakers word.

Does the speaker/narrator try to win you with assertions or emotion?
Yes, indeed The speakers argument was based on an emotional conflict that was occurring within his life. He spent so much time attempting to win over his lover ,but only to receive what little his lover could give.
"Stay With Me"
The speaker is a guy (Sam), who is in love with someone, and wants that person to stay in his life despite the fact that it's not real love.
Listeners opinion
Pathos- Audience Emotion
Ethos- Speakers Credibility
logos- Facts and Data
The song really brings forth a yearning within the audience. The slow beginning and the gospel elements to be exact, help to enforce that feeling of desire. However, listeners like myself could hear the desperation and pain in the singers voice, And feel the complete opposite. Instead of feeling just like the singer they would feel disappointed, and saddened by the the speakers decisions to stay in such a bad position.
The speakers honesty helps to establish his credibility in this song. He never wavered from the fact that his actions were based on a bad foundation. Which is how he gains the trust of the audience. He made them aware that his decisions were not the right ones, but he cant help the feeling to keep the connection with the one he adores .
The Argument: The speaker (Sam) is trying to convince himself more so than others, that loving someone who does not feel the same is okay, until the pain passes. Which is similar to settling for less due to denial or fear of not finding better. He knows that the love is not real, but he cant seem to move on from where he stands. His love for his partner has a hold on him.
I do not agree with the speaker that a person should stay in a loveless relationship, in hopes of healing. It seems ironic to remain in the same place and keep getting hurt. However, I do understand that as humans we sometimes make blind decisions, when we are fighting emotions within ourselves.
The speaker (Sam) was addressing his lover in this song. Its clear in the lyrics that he had a particular person in mind.
"And deep down I know this never works
But you can lay with me so it doesn't hurt"

He also stated that he thought of this song as an anthem for the lonely. So a case can be made for multiple audience, because both men and women experience the feeling of loneliness.
Possibly connections
"I Cant Make You love Me"- Tank
I can make a connection that both speakers have the same feeling towards their lovers. They both know that the relationship they're in consist of no love, but they chose to stay.
"You Deserve"- August Alsina
I could contrast both speakers argument. However, I could compare the victims perspective in this song to the speaker's in "Stay With Me".

""Stay With Me" Lyrics." SAM SMITH LYRICS. N.p., n.d. Web. 11 Oct. 2015.

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The speaker did not rely on a lot of facts to support his argument. He used personal experience and opinions to prove his reasons for staying with his lover.
Genre: Pop
Works Cited
"Stay with me" was released on March 25, 2014. The song has become Sam Smith's most successful single. It peaked at number one in the UK Singles Chart, also charting in the top ten in over 12 countries around the world ." Overall this song helped with the temporary transition of pop music into other genres. According to whosampled, this song has been covered by artists outside of the pop genre. For example Romain Virgo, A Jamaican singer who covered the song as reggae. Also Luke James a hip-hop and R&B singer. The fact that this song can survive outside of its genre can support the fact that it's a classic in the making. I consider this song to be timeless because years from now people of all ages could still listen to the lyrics, and feel some understanding or emotion to the lyrics.
"I Wish I Could Break Your Heart"- Cassadee Pope
Although the arguments are slightly different there is still a connection between both speakers emotionally complicated love life.
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