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Taylor Swift

No description

Trinity Gordon

on 6 May 2014

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Transcript of Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift
Taylor Alison Swift
Taylor was born December 13th, 1989 in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania. Taylor started making songs at the age of 5 but didnt release her first hit album until the age of 16. Taylors first album helped fuel the multiplatinum success of her albums. Taylors grandmother was a professional opera singer and Taylor was inspired by her. By the age of 10, Taylor was singing at a variety of local events . When Taylor was 11, she sang "The Star Spangled Banner" at a 76ers game and by the age of 12 she learned how to play the guitar and writing her own songs. When her family moved to a town near Nashville to help Taylor pursue her music career, she was in the makes of trying to land a recording contract. A stellar performance at a cafe landed her, her first recording contract with Scott Borchetta from Big Machine Records.
Getting Started
Taylor released her first single "Tim McGraw" in 2006 the song became a TOP 10 hit on the country charts. She let out a self-titled album which sold more than 2.5 million copies. She then released 4 songs, one including "Our Song" which was a No. 1 country music hit. When Taylor was 18, she won a Horizon Award fromthe CMA (Country Music Association) and the Academy of Country Music Award for Top New Female Vocalist in 2007.
2008 - Taylor was nominated for a grammy in the "Best New Artist" category
2009 - Swift netted several awards for her album "Fearless" including "Video of the Year" and "Female Video of the Year" for "Love Story" at the CMT Music Awards
2009 - Won the MTV Video Music Award for "Best Female Video" ( Taylor was the first country music star to win an MTV Video Music Award)
2010 - Taylor made record by being the youngest artist to win a Grammy for "Album of the Year" for "Fearless"
2012 - Taylor became the first woman in history to release 2 albums that sold more than 1 million copies in their opening week.
2012- ranked No. 1 as Forbes Magazines hightest paid celebrity beating out Justin Bieber,
2013 - Taylor had funded the $4 million Taylor Swift Education Center at the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville.
2013 - Taylor then won the CMA Pinnicle Award for achievements as a country music performer and for her "postive impact" on country music.
2013 - Lastly, Taylor won an AMA award for "Artist of the Year" 3rd year in a row.

Taylor Swift maybe didn't do much for fashion, but her red lipstick sure got everyones attention! Taylor's signiature trademark is her bright red lips. She first started doing this when she began her RED tour. It grabs your attention on, and off the stage. Taylor wears her red lips with almost everything and never fails to impress.
In conclusion, Taylor has had a huge impact on not just country, pop, and rock music, but the people who listen. Taylor was an inspiration to be yourself and express who you are. From Taylors bright, red lips to her stellar performances, she hasn't given off anything but bold. Taylor has had an amazing career and hopefully more to come. But she couldn't have done it without the people who inspired her.
Jacques Offenbach
Romantic Era
Jacques was known for writing many Operas and Concertos, especially his most famous opera, Les Contes D'Hoffman.
He begun the style of music with Characterization and Satire
Wolfgang Amedeus Mozart
Classical Era
Mozart was one of the most influential composers of all time and was famous for all of his Operas and symphonies
including his famous Symphony No. 31
Joseph Haydn
Classical Era
Haydn wrote many famous composer of the Classical Era including one of his most famous compositions, The Surprise Symphony which inspired many composers to write more "Interesting" pieces.
Giovanni Battista Sammartini
Baroque Era
A Italian Composer that was named "Father of the Symphony" He inspired the use of wind instruments in the symphony
Antonio Vivaldi
Alessandro Scarlatti
Alessandro Stradella
Claudio Monterverdi
Baroque Era
Vivaldi was famous for his outstanding violin skills that lead to being a conductor and composer. He wrote the Four Seasons, which inspired composers to break their compositions into sections
Baroque Era
People named Scarlatti the most important and influential Italian composer of the Baroque era due to his sophisticated compositions inspiring others to compose more rusic or muffled sounding compositions
Baroque Era
Named the most versatile and influential musical figures of the mid-seventeenth century.
Renaissance/Baroque Era
Pasty Cline
Monterverdi was a key figure in the transition between the Renaissance and Baroque eras
Impressionistic/ Romantic Era
Baroque Era
Renaissance Era
Her big break came when she won Arthur Codfrey Talent program in 1957 with the hit Walkin After Midnight. She died in a plane crash in Tennessee.
Hank Williams
He was considered country music's frist superstar. He learned how to play folk, country and, form an African-American street musician named Rufus Payne, the blues. He was 13 when he made his radio debut.
Woody Guthrie
He influence mordern folk, rock, country, and even hip hop. He sings about the beauty of america. One of his songs is "This Land Is Your Land'
W.C Handy
He played in several bands. Helater composed his own songs that would popularize the form and and come to be a major commercial hits.
Jelly Roll Morton
He fromed the red hot peppers. He is the godfather of jazz.
Scott Joplin
He's the "king of Ragtime." He did not receive recogiton as a serious composer for more than fifty years after his death. "The Mapple Leaf Rag" was a huge hit
John Phillip Sousa
Daily Life
This era was considered the Vitorian Age
Education was based on/in church
Suburbs developed into bigger areas
During this era, 35 million people moved to the United States.
He american composer, bandmaster, arranger and writter. Hes know as the "March King" Started his own band in 1862. He composed 136 marches icluding "The Stars and Stripes Forever"
During this era, there was Karl Marx inspired communism
The U.S. was made of a democracy
One year during this era (1848) was called "The Year of Revolutions"
Romantic Music
Romantic music was considered a calling not an occupation
Composers started to take interest in different ethnic groups
Musicians no lnger relied on church or nobility for money
Impressionistic Art
Impressionistic art painted as if the viewer could only get a glimpse
With no detail and only bold colors, impressionistic art broke all the "rules"
Artists mixed color together to paint everyday life
This type of art was the firsttime they sed photographs to paint
Impressionistic art wasn't excepted until the 1890's
Some museums would refuse to take the art
Major events
Television was invented 1920's
Stock Market Crash 1929
The Holocaust 1935 - 1945
John F Kennedy was assassinated 1963
MLK was assassinated 1968
The polio vaccine was invented to stop a serious medical epidemic
First man landed on the moon 1969
3 major things were invented during this era that we base everything off of now a days
Cell Phones
E- mail
Daily Life
Religion was very diverse and part of the daily life
The middle class grew
Democracy begain to work together
A hard life for factory workers
USA begain to unite as a nation
Imperialism (expanding)
Idea of socialism (working together for a common good)
Art & Music
Art was popular in the upper/ middle class
Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven were very popular in Europe
Where is Taylor?
Taylor wouldn't be able to go on world tours if it weren't for her 4, smash hit albums. Taylors albums have sold over 26 million hard copies and over 75 millions digital downloads.
Taylor has been on 2 world tours. Her Speak Now tour consisted of 111 days/ 13 months of performing. 7 days in Asia, 12 in Europe, 80 in North America, and 12 in Australia. Taylors second tour was her RED tour. Taylor spent 66 performing days in North America, she will be going to Asia for 6 days in June 2014, she also went to New Zealand and Australia

Industrial Revolution was going on in this time
People began moving to large cities for work
New ways to travel (Roads & Railroads)
1920- Present
Classical music and popular music started being blended together to create new music
Rock music became popular by combining blues, country, jazz, and american music
Composors became more expiramental with their compositions
Surreealism became popularized in the 1920s-1930s
New York City became the art center of the world in the 1950s
Optical Illusions became popular in the 1960s
Artists became more expiramental with their pieces and there was no limits
Religion was very important in the daily life
Church has lots of power
New religions started breaking off from old religions (Lutheran, Chatholic, Methodist)
Churches hired musicians to perform & write for the church
Kings, Queens, and Emperors had much power
Louis XIV (14) was the most powerful king at that time
People started coming to the new world
Music & Art
Art was very large and dramatic
Kings and Queens hired musicians to show off
Music became very dramatic and important
Daily Life
1608- Telescope Invented
1618- Circulation of Blood
1620- Pilgrims sailed on the Mayflower
1626- Dutch buy New York for $24
World was expanding
Daily Life
Roads started to link cities
Paved roads by the 16th century
Traveling was very unsafe due to bandits that walked the roads
Cities were walled in and very dirty
The size of your house was based on wealth
Black Death was the epidemic of the time
Countries were broken up into city states with leaders
Merchant princes developed because of trade
Explortion of the new world wars
1400- Piano invented
1405- First printed music in Europe
Musicians traveled a lot
Art was very religous at this time
DaVinci was very popular
Science, Math, and Social Studies
1400 - guns, armor, eyeglasses were invented
1492 - Columbus discovered America
1520 - Magellan travels around the world
Church in every city and attended daily
Priests were in charge of school
Girls began to school
Faith influenced art
3000 BC-1250 AD
Daily Life
Daily life was very dangerous
People traveled mostly by foot
Traveled in search of food
Cities began to form with a lord or ruler
Religion and Government
People had many gods and goddesses
Strong Link between Rome & Christianity
Greeks developed Democracy
3000 BC Lists of taxes & Debts were invented
Music & Art
Cave Paintings
780- Chinese created block painting
1000- Stained Glass windows
4500- Music made with hollowed gourds
300 BC- Harps, Drums, and flutes
1026 AD- Monks wrote down music
Gregorian Chant Music was the music of the time
Science & Math
4500 BC- Foot used as a measurement
4000 BC- Wheel Invented
2600 BC- Egyptians removed organs & preserved bodies
1100 BC- First Alphabet
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