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Golden Age of Greece

No description

Daniel Kim

on 15 September 2015

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Transcript of Golden Age of Greece

by Mr Kim
Golden Age
The of Athens
We need to start from the Persian Wars which began with the Ionian Greeks rebelling against and of the Persian Empire
Now originally, these guys were only upset at the
Athenian Greeks
For supporting the Ionians to rebel from Persian rule in the first place
So after defeating the Ionians rather easily with their massive army of , Darius vowed to punish the Athenians for their support for the revolt
Persian Immortals
Knowing they couldn't take on the largest empire at the time alone, the Athenians enlisted the help of other Greek city-states and formed the
Delian League
To make a long story short the
Ended up defeating the Persian forces during the battles of Salamis, Plataea, and a bunch of other battles you don't have to remember.
Sad Persian....
While unifying the Greek city-states ultimately saved the Greeks from Persian dominance, there arose some unintended consequences:
The Athenians...
Forced city-states through war to join the league
Demanded tributes and taxes for Athenian use
And eventually the Delian League became the Athenian Empire
Now before
we talk about the reprehensible abuse of power of the Athenians, let's find out what they did with all that tax money they received!
The Golden Age
Turns out having a seemingly unlimited amount of
can do wonders for your society!
Using money taken from the Delian League, an Athenian leader by the name of begins to:
Strengthen the Athenian navy
Buy gold, ivory, marble to create beautiful works of art
The Parthenon
which was a temple dedicated to Athena, the goddess of wisdom, courage, and inspiration
Athenian architecture becomes sophisticated and complex. Sculptors begin to value harmony, order, balance, and proportion

They also financed
Which came in two forms...
Comedy - Which used slapstick humor to provide satirical and witty humor on politics and life
Tragedy - Which told the stories of heroes' downfall, love, hate, and war
And considering their decent climate they did everything outside in an
"Philosophy begins with Wonder"
- Plato
Next up would be:
The Philosophers
Greek Philosophers
believed that the universe was subject to absolute and
unchanging laws
, and that through logic and reason, could people understand them
The Sophists
, or the wise ones, used
or persuasive speaking, to win debates and arguments.
They claimed that they could find answers to most questions of the universe, and some even questioned the
existence of the Gods
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