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Survey And Spreadsheet Project

No description

on 1 June 2016

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Transcript of Survey And Spreadsheet Project

Survey And Spreadsheet Project
This project includes you creating a survey question, surveying the school population, using Google Sheets to create graphs of your survey data, and presenting your data and survey information in Google Slides.
Step 2
Create a table in Google Docs to record your survey data.
Step 3
Print a copy of the table for each partner.
Step 4
Start collecting your data...
Get out there and survey.

Choose a topic/question in which to survey citizens of MOMS, including teachers.
Some examples would be things like, “What is your favorite _________?”
The question needs to have more than yes or no as an answer.

Step 1
The Basics
Something to think about, and discuss with your partner:
Who is going to survey each of the sub-populations of the school?

Boys, Girls, Teachers, Red team,
Yellow team, White team, etc.
You don't want to survey the same people, or you will not have reliable data.
Gather your information/data by asking students at lunch, leisure, on the bus, at your bus stop, etc.
Don't forget to ask teachers!
Step 5
Enter your data into a Google Sheets spreadsheet.
This will be provided to you in Google Classroom.

Create graphs of the data using the graphing function.
Step 7
What to include?
1. Title slide
2. Introduction slide
3. A slide for each graph (3)
4. Thank you slide

5. Resources slide for any images used

Create a Google Slides slideshow to present your survey and data.
6th Grade Computers
June 2016
Trimester 3

For Trimester 3, the table is made for you and posted in GC.
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