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Linkin Park Presentation English

Linkin Park Project did by: Salahddin Warid

salahddin warid

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of Linkin Park Presentation English

Linkin Park By:
Salahddin Warid Biography Chester Charles Bennington From United State Phoenix 20 mars 1976 Married to: Talinda Ann Bentley 4 Childrens Chester Career -They made 7 albums -Rock and Metal Music Style -Latest *Living Things* They won a lot of wards example:
Grammy Award(2x), American Award (5x) and Much Music Awards (2x) Awards Does he played in a movie ? -Crank -Crank: High Voltage -Saw 3D Personal Problems -Divorced 1 time :( -Suffered a bit from a recluse of spider and he got that during while of a clip. Favorite Song -Numb by Linkin Park
-Made in 2007 Theme: This is talking about someone who lost himself because... ``Im tired of being what you want me to be.`` Favorite Clip -I choose that
one cause this
video is
showing the
mistake we make in this
world. Why them ? I like this group so much because
they are:
-The best group


-Interesting END The origin of their final name comes from the name "Lincoln Park" located next to the home of Chester Bennington in Santa Monica, near Los Angeles. But again, for legal reasons, they preferred to change the name to get to that final name: Linkin Park. Why Linkin Park?
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