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Report on six major social issues in Asia

David Ketch

on 27 October 2009

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Transcript of Asia

ASIA Nepal is among 5 poorest countries in world
No serious industry
Has high population growth rate
Weak Government The sex trade in Nepal is flourishing
Corruption in the government
Gender discrimination against women
Excess poverty, exploitation Excess poverty
Families are exploited
Daughters are tricked into jobs, end up in brothels Has high population growth rate
2.36% per year increase
More people, less food is recipe for poverty and hunger Weak Government
Political instability, no promise of improvement
Corruption, unemployment, inflation, and economic austerity No serious industry
Lacks resources
Poor agriculture despite being largest industry
High illiteracy, poor education Corruption in the government
Patrons of brothels often
Bought off by bribes
Traffickers know how to bend inefficient laws Gender discrimination against women
Women are considered both a burden & source of labor
No access to schooling
Often desperate for money Helllo Hello Chung Hee Park - South Korean President (1961-1979)
Christians felt oppressed by government
Churches under surveillance

Chi Hakim - poet The world's worst religious persecuting country
467,894 Christians in North Korea
10,592 Christian Martyrs each year Kang Ch'Orhwan
Christian detention camps and prisons
About 100,000 of North Korea's christians are imprisoned for their faith

Reporters have come under increasing persecution
Freedom of Press Rankings
Reelection of Ahmadinejad Freedom of Press Ratings
Rated 172 out of 175
Dropped from 166
Reelection of Ahmadinejad
Major reform newspapers have been shut down
Reporters have fled the country at alarming rates
Many killed over clashes, 72
More than 32,500 Japanese took their life in 2005
Economic Pressure has spurred suicides
Internet and Media Influences 32,000 suicides in 2008
Aokigahara Forest
Rates have been over 30,000 for 11 consecutive years Nearly 100 Japanese killed themselves everyday in 2007
Government Response The One Child Policy
Desire for males
Forced sex selective abortion Degradation of Chinese women is very apparent
Receive leftovers
No health care
Lack of education Secondary effects of denying rights
Divorce rate increased dramatically
Children bought on black market
Wives bought in sex trade
Crime rate is increased among men
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