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TNS Needscope Model

No description

Anisha Abraham

on 2 January 2014

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Transcript of TNS Needscope Model

Needscope can be applied at any stage of the marketing process where it’s important to understand the emotive element.
Case Study: NeedScope in action
Project tools

Projective tools provide the key to unlock emotive drivers and brand symbolism. NeedScope’s standardized, validated photosets and collages make it possible to explore the emotive element and measure it.

1. Consumer-Brand relationship Model
Consumer needs are complex and multilayered.Functional needs sit on the surface but emotive needs lie at the core.All layers of brand image, from the product through to the brand symbolism, must be managed so they are internally consistent.

TNS Needscope Model

Understanding emotion to build powerful Brands
TNS Needscope believes emotion rather than logic is the most powerful driver of human behavior. Emotion turns products into brands and helps build a unique competitive advantage and develops committed consumer relationships. Consumers can’t easily verbalise emotion in relation to brands because it has its own symbolic language.NeedScope is a unique qualitative and quantitative system that brings a disciplined approach to understanding emotion.

Emotion throughout the marketing process

Putting emotion at the heart of strategy development
Ensuring better innovation by including the emotive element
Aligning all elements of the mix to build powerful brands
Brand equity tracking
Ensuring ongoing measurement beyond the functional
Three elements form the foundation of NeedScope and make the system uniquely able to measure and understand emotion. These can be combined in a myriad of ways to answer questions on brand strategy, brand equity, innovation and tactical brand management.
The NeedScope Tools
2. NeedScope Psychological Model

At the heart of NeedScope is a psychological model that summarises universal human emotions. The NeedScope model is based on the theory of Archetypes – instinctual
patterns of emotive behaviour which
are common to everyone, everywhere.
Using the symbolic language of archetypes, brands can build strong emotively based relationships.

NeedScope dynamics
The system employs this framework to know brands position in the market
Apache TVS
The Situation

• The 2 wheel market in India had moved from scooters to motorcycles
• TVS lost its leadership position
• Attempts to regain this by launching a motorcycle were unsuccessful
• The problem was not product, but brand
Apache TVS: Brand Stratergy
The Situation

•A 24 year old brand under pressure
•Juice category losing value and under squeeze from competitors
•Looking for innovation opportunity to deliver good returns and enhance the brand
•Hybrid juice/soft drink variant seen as a possible option
Just Juice
Just Juice: Innovation
The Situation
Powerful advertising makes an emotional connection with consumers
Yet advertising research often fails to reach this level
Potentially strong emotive campaigns can fail traditional measures because their message is covert and difficult to research.
Samsung: Communication
NeedScope Qualitative Photosets
NeedScope projective tools use symbolic
images to unlock feelings and generate
richer, more sensitive data
Quantitative Projective Tools
NeedScope uses projective collages quantitatively to measure emotion. Collage sets have been validated across 9 cultural regions.
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