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Batman as a Monomyth

No description

Michelle Scaperlanda McWay

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of Batman as a Monomyth

The Dark Knight as a Hero Batman: Begins Departure The Call to Adventure After failing to kill his parent's murderer, Bruce becomes disillusioned and lost once he realizes he can no longer avenge his parents. He decides to confront Falcone after being chastised by Rachel, and Falcone ends up showing him just how weak and powerless he is against the crime in the city. From there, he sheds his life as Bruce Wayne and instead goes out as a criminal to fight criminals Refusal of the Call Afraid of the world of criminals he is now a deep part of, Bruce gets locked up in a prison where he "practices" against criminals. Even though he is "fighting" criminals, what he is doing is not real heroism. Instead, he's hiding from the rest of the world and attacking men who've already been locked up for their crimes Supernatural Aid In prison, Bruce loses all of his senses regarding his original goals. He becomes completely lost until Henri Ducard appears and offers to show Bruce a path to his destination: a means to fight for justice. With Henri's appearance, Bruce joins the League of Shadows and trains under Henri to gain the fighting abilities of a ninja. The Crossing of the First Threshold Having completed his training underneath the League of Shadows and escaping their grasp, Bruce returns to Gotham to try and fight crime as Batman. He reinvents himself as a symbol of fear, and goes after the mob. His actions ends up taking down Falcone in the middle of a huge drug operation The Belly of the Whale At start of Raj Al Gul's plan to destroy the city of Gotham, Bruce Wayne steps up as batman to take him down and stop his plan. His battle against Raj Al Gul marks the end of Bruce Wayne as Bruce Wayne and marks his beginning as Batman, a separate, more powerful being. In this final battle, he fights both Raj Al Gul and fear itself, conquering them both Initiation The Dark Knight The Road of Trials As Bruce Wayne ventures out more and more as Batman, his presence and power are more greatly felt though out the city. He elects to fight against the mob and try to completely wipe them out, starting with dragging Lau back to Gotham from China in order to clear out the mob's money banks. However, slowly, Bruce Wayne begins to die entirely. While his body is still intact and the person is still there, Bruce Wayne begins to die and Batman begins to take over his entire being The Meeting With the Goddess Despite his antics as Batman, Bruce Wayne's life as Bruce Wayne is still grounded due to Rachel Dawes, his childhood friend and current love interest. Rachel is with Harvey Dent, the young DA that has been fighting crime out in the open as opposed to Batman, who's been fighting it in the dark Woman as Temptress Despite the fact that Rachel is still with Harvey Dent, Bruce Wayne still has an interest in Rachel. This drives him to go after Rachel when The Joker places both Rachel and Harvey Dent on timed bombs. However, this plan backfires as Harvey Dent is saved, but Rachel dies. Harvey Dent is emotionally torn by her death and in a way, he himself dies, giving way to the rise of Two-Face Atonement with the Father The Batman eventually does defeat The Joker's scheme, but at fantastic cost. Many people have been killed and the people's hope in Batman has been shattered. "The Batman" is no longer a hero figure to the people of Gotham. Instead, he takes on the role of the murderer of the white knight Harvey Dent. Apotheosis This is where the movie starts to stray a little from the formula as Batman isn't deified as a result of stopping the Joker. Rather, he is vilified for killing Harvey Dent. Harvey Dent becomes the deity instead in the eyes of Gotham while Batman is cast out as a murderer The Ultimate Boon Batman saves Gotham city. In the end, despite all of the bloodshed and all of the damage, Batman still manages to save the crumbling city. Bruce Wayne becomes Batman for the sole purpose of protecting Gotham, and he manages to protect it from Joker's scheme Return The Dark Knight Rises Refusal of the Return The Magic Flight Rescue from Without The Crossing of the Return Threshold Master of the Two Worlds Freedom to Live Bruce Wayne has managed to successfully save Gotham as Batman twice already. He has done seemingly all that he could for the city and now becomes a recluse in his mansion. For 7 years he stays within the Wayne mansion, never once venturing out for any reason When it becomes apparent to Bruce that something big is about to happen, he leaves the comfort of his home and goes back to the city of Gotham once again to defend it against Bane. However, confronting Bane, Batman finds himself completely outmatched and is broken by Bane, both physically and spiritually and is throw into "The Pit", an underground prison of darkness In The Pit, a broken Bruce Wayne meets a doctor that cares for Bruce under Bane's orders. The Doctor tells Bruce of the story of Bane, the child born in darkness, and helps Bruce physically build himself back up to prepare for the escape from the prison Bruce finally takes on the ultimate challenge of the Pit: climbing out from its depths. At first, he uses a life-saving rope that stops him from falling to his death at every failed attempt, since he constantly fails. Soon, he makes one attempt without the rope and succeeds, re-conquering fear and the fear of death. Having once again conquered fear, Bruce returns to Gotham to fight against the ultimate destructive force: a nuke. Not only does he have to face his old adversary Bane, but he must also fight against a betrayal by Talia, his current love interest. In the end, the fight ends when Bruce sends the nuke over the ocean with his aircraft, The Bat Now that Gotham has been saved, Bruce has nothing left to do in the city. He leaves, never to return again. Since everyone thinks he's now dead, he is free to live the quiet, peaceful life he never knew he could have. The Hero: Bruce Wayne AKA The Batman Bruce Wayne is a young, rich playboy that is highly combat capable as well as highly educated. His parents were murdered before his very eyes as a young child, and that experience has caused him to grow up with a hate of crime. After being trained by the League of Shadows in the art of combat, he sets off to defend the city that his parents built from the ground up. Rather than fight as a breakable human, however, he sets out and fights it as Batman, encompassing the very power of fear itself *Note-No images were used for The Dark Knight Rises simply because the movie is not yet out for DVD, so I can't take images from scenes and throw them in. Sorry!
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