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No description

Enoch Castleberry

on 29 November 2013

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Transcript of ghandi

Adaptive Challenges
Creative Challenge

Gandhi wanted equality with Whites; knew violence not the answer

Activist Challenge

Gandhi tried to rectify injustice but needed to provoke his fellow countrymen to join him.

Transition Challenge
Gandhi wanted peaceful revolution to obtain independence from Britain, this was new concept

Crisis Challenge
Gandhi needed to unite different religions of India

Creative Challenge
Activist Challenge
Transition Challenge
Crisis Challenge

Birth of a Leader
South Africa


Discriminated against on a train
Sense- making
Faith and beliefs

Values and Conflict of goals



Protest without violence
The spinning wheel as a symbol of revolution:
Words and Actions: A dedication to a life of action, "Do as I do, not as I say" was one of Gandhi's great inventions.

Combination of the spiritual, the moral and the practical
Self sufficiency and self reliance for India
A just society.
Political and Spiritual independence
Satyagraha - coined and developed by Gandhi. Meaning truthful force.

Final Analysis

Effective Leader

Overcame most of the adaptive challenges

Needed to get OFF the balcony:
he always saw the big picture.

Leadership methods couldn't bring Hindus & Muslims together

Gandhi (1982)
Life of total service


Ladder of inference

Single looping and double looping
Pluralistic Ignorance

Presented by
Usama Saleem
Suhaib Zaidi
Glory Kinyua
Enoch Castleberry
Luqman Basith
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