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Kenan & Lance

No description

lib hist

on 17 September 2015

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Transcript of Kenan & Lance

Medal Of Honor Recipients
Captain James E. Livingston
Sergeant Sammy L. Davis
Sergeant Sammy L. Davis received a medal of honor for bravery and courage in the face of (Valor). He revived wounded warriors without medical experiencing and carried them across a river through the battle and into safety. This shows that he risked his life and went beyond his comfort zone and that is why he was was chosen to wear the highest and rarest award the medal of honor.
Captain Ed Freeman
A battalion of American soldiers were under heavy fire with heavy casualties, the landing zone was closed to medical evacs, the soldiers were trapped under heavy fire. He and his commander were the only ones to volunteer and flew their unarmed, lightly armored UH-1 Huey to support the troops. They made 14 trips for 24 hours straight bringing water,ammo and carrying out the wounded saving an estimated 32 lives. Ed Freeman showed sacrifice and honor by sacrificing his life and putting it in straight in the line of fire in order to put ground infantry in a better position.
Kenan Rafati & Lance Etelkozi

Captain James E. Livingston wounded by two grenade attacks, however he refused medical attention and led his men into the battlefield once more and succeed by capturing over 100 enemy bunkers and enemy territory, by this act of foolishness but, bravery he was awarded with the highest and rarest military badge the medal of honor.
Fought In:
The Vietnam War
Lance Corporal William Carpenter
While on patrol in a village, during broad daylight the enemy started a hand grenade attack on the village which was a key point for battles and it was important that they maintain control of the village. William carpenter and his best friend were on the roof when a grenade was thrown up there. In order to save his friends life, according to his friend and evidence, he threw himself on top of the grenade. It caused severe injuries and facial scarring but he survived. He cannot remember what happened just the beginning of the day. He showed true sacrifice and honor when he threw himself on top of the grenade and putting his life on the line for his friends.
These four medal of honor recipients showed great courage and bravery in the face of danger (Valor). The recipients were able to go beyond there comfort zone to protect their fellow soliders and fight for their country.
Opinion On Recipients
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