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9 circles of hell ccts

No description

Al DeFinis

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of 9 circles of hell ccts

Double click anywhere & add an idea 1 People who smoke
in the bathroom Swirys 2 Faggots Big black woman lap dance 9 CIRCLES OF HELL VS. CCTS 3 Tough guys Tar & feathered Level
Punishment 4 People who walk
by and lock lockers Cut fingers off 5 People who smell
like shit Make them take a shower and wear deodorent 6 Blockers Dropped in
quick sand 7 Late to class Have to come 5 minets earlier every time 8 Pregnant girls Stomacs beaten in 9 Pot heads Stale blunts broken pieces and crack lighters All Crims and punishments by Kyle Bicking and prezi by Al DeFinis
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