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Lifelong Writer Project

A presentation by G Nicholson and N Gallant to the MAMLE conference - Self Selected Writing for Middle School Writers

Noelle Gallant

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of Lifelong Writer Project

A unit to engage middle school writers with self-selected, independent, and personal writing. Lifelong Writer Project Our School's English curriculum centers around the writing and reading workshop models of Dan Rothermel and Nancie Atwell.

The LLWP allows for the writing workshop model to take full effect, while giving students freedom to self-select their genre and topics of writing.

Students "buy in" to the LLWP because they have CHOICE! Writing Workshop Forms Gwyneth A Typical LLWP Day

Students request points for final copies and can bargain for the points they feel they deserve. This is great for differentiation, and saving the LLWP for the end of the year helps because you will know your students well. Assessment Research & Support The Southern
Maine Writing
Project Noelle The Nine Rights of Every Writer - Vicki Spandel
Because Writing Matters - NWP
In the Middle - Nancie Atwell It's more than just a grade -
it's an opportunity for
personal growth and
self expression. LLWP is individualized instruction.
Part of the grade is based on participation,
and part of the grade is based on product. Status of the Class
Writing time
Conferencing Free write
Mentor piece
Writing time/conferencing
Writing record Some Perspective... aka - other units of study...

Literary Analysis (The Adventures of Tom Sawyer)
I-Search - self-selected research
Persuasive writing
Argumentative writing Mini-Lesson Ideas Finding a Title (N. Atwell)
How to Write About a Pebble (N. Atwell)
The Rule of So What (N. Atwell)
Sentence Fluency
Pages - template chooser
Editing checklists (Grammar Girl)
other mini-lessons as needed How Does This Relate to the Common Core? Because LLWP is so individualized to each class and each student, it's difficult to pinpoint specific CC Standards that students will achieve during the unit.

Instead, it makes more sense to look at the CC Student Profile. Thank You! We hope you and your students find the LLWP as exciting as ours do.

All of the LLWP forms you've seen today are available via GoogleDocs.

Please email us if you have any questions:
Gwyneth - gnicholson@rsu23.org
Noelle - ngallant@rsu23.org Edmodo.com
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