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The Cupcake Queen

No description

Kaitlin Detmar

on 11 May 2011

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Transcript of The Cupcake Queen

The Cupcake Queen By: Heather Hepler Main characters: Penny: (main character) Just moved to Hog's Hollow with her mother Tally: Penny's first friend there Blake: Tally's best friend Charity: the popular girl that dosen't like Penny Marcus: The boy that Penny and Charity both like Story line: The story starts when Penny and her mom move in with her grandmother in Hog's Hollow, a small town. Penny used to live in New York, but they moved there because her mom and dad are fighting. The first person Penny meets that is her age is Charity. She ends up going to the same high school as Charity. Charity fills Penny's locker with pennies that spill out when she opens it. Tally helps her pick them up and is Penny's first friend in Hog's Hollow. Penny meets Marcus, and his dog, Sam, on the beach behind her house and finds out that he goes to her school and that his dad works at her mom's cupcake shop. Penny goes to Tally's house that Friday and meets Blake, Tally's friend. Penny enters a contest to see if her float idea can be in the Hog's Hollow pageant. Tally is in the pageant to try to raise $ for the charity she volunteers at, but Charity wants to beat her. Penny;s parents tell her that they are getting a divorce and Penny's dad offers to let her leave Hog's Hollow, and she is forced to choose between her parents A worker at The Cupcake Queen tells Penny that she is the "cupcake queen" and her mom named the store after her. Penny calls her dad and tells him that she chooses to stay at Hog's Hollow with her mom and new friends. Penny's float idea wins the contest, but Charity wins the pageant, and not Tally, but it dosen't bother Tally and Penny Reasons to buy this book: It teaches you to not give up, no matter what situation you are in It shows that you should make the best out of life It shows you how you can never let people bring you down Other books by Heather Hepler: She has to set up cupcakes at Charity's birthday party. When she has them all set up, Charity's dad accidently knocks over the cupcake stands and they land on Charity's dress. She blames Penny. Her mom open's a cupcake shop called "The Cupcake Queen" and Penny is forced to work there. Penny sees Marcus on the beach again that night and he tells her about how his mom drowned and that he used to live by the lake too. Tally tells Penny that the only reason that she is in Hog's Hollow is because her dad is a musician and travels alot, so she lives with her aunt and that hes comign back for her. That day, Tally tells Penny that her dad is't actually coming back for her, and won't answer her calls or letters.
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