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Corporate Treasury & Corporate Treasurer

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james banez

on 7 March 2014

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Transcript of Corporate Treasury & Corporate Treasurer

Cash & Liquidity Mgt.
Liquidity risk
Forecast cash needs
forecast payments (inflow & outflows)
"making your money work harder"
Corporate Financial Mgt.
Looks at the organization’s business and financial strategies and determine the optimum solution to put them together
investment & capital structure decisions
Risk Management
The Corporate Treasurer
improving and maintaining the financial standing of the company

determine financial strategy and policy

Opportunities | Funding | Risks
Capital Markets & Funding
Techniques and sources for raising funds
Forms of borrowing (debt or equity), their structures, terms and conditions and relative costs
Debt or Equity
Corporate Treasury
Management of cash flows in the most efficient and profitable fashion possible

forecasting future needs for funding and seeking the best alternatives

Cash flow planning monitoring & serve the function of an in-house bank
Corporate Treasury & the Corporate Treasurer
5 Core elements
Capital markets & funding
Cash & liquidity management
Corporate Financial Management
Risk Management
Treasury Operations
daily tasks:
managing the issuance of bonds
negotiate the terms of a loan
dealing with temporary shortfalls in cash (AR assignment or factoring)
Understanding the risk exposures and considering whether the return justify the risks

credit risks | currency risk | operational
"Happiness is a positive cash flow."
–Fred Adler
"cash flow is a reality"
Choosing between borrowing from banks or issuing bonds/shares
Do we pay dividends now? How much per share?
Evaluate projects, M&A and choosing which is beneficial

“I was always interested in strategy and it is here that a corporate treasurer contributes most.” --
Ganesh Melatur, Assistant Director Finance, Interpol
daily tasks:
Treasury Operations
operational side of Treasury

once 4 elements are mastered this is where everything is put together
may include tasks like:
implementation of policies on disbursements

implementing control procedures on payments
"cash flow vs accrued income"
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