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Open the Gates to the Ivy League: A Plan B for Getting into

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Calvin Bell

on 27 October 2015

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Transcript of Open the Gates to the Ivy League: A Plan B for Getting into

"Open The Gates to the Ivy League" is a back gateway that offers students a plan B to seven of the eight Ivy League universities. These universities include Harvard University, Yale University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Dartmouth University, Penn University, and Brown University. Also, described are the "second tier" of the top ranked universities which include Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Duke University, Northwestern University, the University of Virginia, and many more. Discussed within the book are admission requirements, social benefits, and economic benefits for student's thriving for a second chance to their elite university dreams.
Are you ready to open your gates to college???
Top Ranked Colleges
The genre of the book is informational because it states facts and informs the reader on alternatives to get into some of the top ranked colleges in America.
What are problems with college today?
College today has become more expensive and elite colleges are harder to get in to due to the vast amount of applicants. This type of conflict is a person vs. society conflict because students are living in a world where colleges are businesses and are taking money out of parents pockets every year.
Students that are involved in the back gateway process include:
Open The Gates To The Ivy League: A Plan B For Getting Into The Top Colleges
What is the plot of the book?
By: C. W. Henderson
This map highlights some of the top ranked colleges in the United States of America. These few select colleges, which are highlighted in the book, offer back gateways and second chances in order to attend them.
What types of students are involved in the back gateway process?
Students who didn't get in the first time
Students who lack the money to pay the expenses for an elite university
Single parents who want better for their lives
Students who don't mind completing their bachelor's degree at their own pace
Students that want to be elite university graduates
Prezi Created By: Calvin Bell
What is the point of view of the book?
The author of the book, C.W. Henderson, is telling "Open The Gates to the Ivy League" to the readers. The point of view is third person omniscient because the author is telling the information throughout the whole story.
What is the genre of the book?
What review would the book receive?
The rating that "Open The Gates To the Ivy League" would receive is a five out of five star rating because it was helpful and eye-opening due to the new information and facts on alternatives to get into elite colleges. Someone that may enjoy this book is a senior going into college or an adult looking to go back to college for their degree, but a toddler and most middle school students may not enjoy this book.
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