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A lung disease

Nick Parry

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis There were almost 9.4 million cases of TB in 2008. Mycrobacterium tuberculosis first known in 1882
can withstand weak disinfectants
survive in dry states
cell wall rich in lipids Cause of TB A person can become infected by inhaling minute particles of
infected sputum from the air Symptoms abnoralmities on chest exterior fever cough
difficulty breathing night sweats Medical Treatment Doctors prescribe special medication for six to nine months The disease organisms die very slowly
takes longer to cure Uses multiple drugs to reduce the
likelihood of resistant organisms
emerging Prevention prescribes a daily dose
of isoniazid, an inexpensive
TB medicine to kill dormant germs Vaccine to prevent called bacille
Calmetter-Guerin (BCG) pathogenic baterial species Primary pulmonary tuberculosis dry cough fever Tuberculous pleuritis nonproductive cough chest pain miliary tuberculosis fever weakness loss of appetite
weight loss Dormant Tuberculosis common cough coughing up blood fever loss of appetite By Nicholas Parry Microscopic With Thanks to Mr. Crawford (for Prezi.com) and Denys Yin (For the lung idea) The End. Or Maybe not... Because this year 2.5
MILLION! people will die
of Tuberculosis for real this time
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