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5 themes of geography

No description

rosie becicka

on 29 April 2015

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Transcript of 5 themes of geography

human environment interaction
People in Dallas use many way to transport goods people and ideas. to transport people they use trains, airplanes, cars, buses etc. They use many of the same things to move goods. To move thoughts they use computers, phones, T.V.s and the likes.
One way of saying Dallas's relative location is saying Dallas is in the state of Texas. Another way is saying it is north of Mexico. Dallas's exact location is 32 N. and 96 W.
Dallas's place could be there many attractions. Just to name a few the Dallas Zoo, Reunion Tower, and Trinity River. The place can also be the weather it is almost always above 70 degrease in the summer and almost never gets below 30 in the winter .
5 themes of geography
human-environment interaction
five themes of geography

Dallas is located in the prairie and lakes region in Texas. It is in the south west in the USA and the north of Texas. Texas has four seasons like many other states but some places do not.
by: rosie becicka
Dallas Texas
Most of Texas including Dallas have under ground wells. Because of our use of water they are diminishing. This is human interaction because we are changing the environment. Another way is that they as in Texans depend on the warm weather to grow the food and raise the animals they do.
thank you for watching this presentation:)
go cowboys !!!!
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