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Rosa Enriquez

on 31 July 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Career Interviews
I choose one of my HVAC professor for the interview, his name Roberto Valadez. I called him on July 16, to ask him if he was willing to be interview by me for my Technical & Business Writing 2311 class. Mrs Valadez did not hesitate at all and said to go to his works places the next day and that he will meet me at the cafeteria at 11:30am. I was at the Medical Center Hospitals cafeteria at 11:10 the following day, that is were he works as a Engineer Manager.
I called him to notify him that I was already there, he agreed to go meet me at 11:30 as agreed. Unfortunately the interview meeting was prolonged, Mrs Valadez called me at 12:25 and ask me if I was still there. Yes, I relayed, he apologized for the delay but that he was still going to go meet me. So I waited a little bite longer, once I saw it was 12:40 I decided to go ahead and leave. But as soon as I got up from my chair he showed up, again apologizing, as kindly as a could I responded that it was ok and that I understood that he was very busy.
Rosa Enriquez
HVAC Professor at EPCC
Interview Professor
Roberto Valadez
Interview Reflection: Roberto Valadez

By: Rosa E. Enriquez

English 2311

Technical and Business Writing

July 17, 2013
It was his lunch time, so he ate and answered the questions to the interview at the same time, so that changed everything. Mrs Valadez no matter what came through with his word and completed the interview, and hour late but he made it.

Interview Reflection: Thomas Goad

By: Rosa E. Enriquez

English 2311

Technical and Business Writing

July 21, 2013
Mr. Thomas Goad is a fellow student form EPCC in which we both share the same interest in HVAC. Thomas is working in a federal building, as a maintenance technician. I ask him if he would fill out and interview for one of my summer classes and he agreed. This interview was done via email, since we don't see each other any more, Thomas graduated this past fall.
I thought he was maybe going to take a day or two to finish the interview, but I was wrong, he send it the following morning. I am proud of actually seeing my fellow school friends finishing and reaching their goals. Even though It is much easier for several of them , since they already hold a job on the field of HVAC.
After the interview with Mr. Goad, he contact me again via email, to tell me thanks for the interview. He didn't realized that how far he has gone after he stared and finished his Associates for HVAC. He states that after that interview he had really never stopped to think how much he has learned and grown in the field. Never the less to my Thomas has always been a bright and smart man, and that when he sets his mind to do something he reaches his goals.
It all stared here at EPCC
Valle Verde
This is what HVAC its all about!!!
Working hands on Trouble shooting units on amazing equipment for humane comfort.
Tools are your best friend out on the field, they help you find the problems on units.
Final Interview Reflection

Rosa E. Enriquez

Technical and Business Writing 2311

July 25, 2013
Interviewing this two gentlemen has actually, help me see the future that lies in front of me, and helped me realize a lot of new things about my career choice. In some way I thought that my headaches and worries over my career would go away after this interviews, since I was going to receive more information about my career. Well, they did not, now my mind is in super boost, which means more headaches. They have incremented to the assumption that out in the real world there is more to learn other then what the collage provided. Though in order for that to happen you must really be working on that field, in hands on projects other then just books. However even though we are 2013, it's very hard for a company to give the opportunity to a new fresh out of collage student, and specially being a female.
That being said, even from a young age I loved fixing things with my hands and help people. HVAC immersed in a world of diversity and is now around the world, and into different languages meaning the same thing, ( Humane Comfort ). My career choice has helped me look at different aspects and facets of what a person can truly do if they choose to seek the right path to what they like to do.
I have learned a lot from Mr. Valadez, the way he teaches and the way he talks about how he started his career, compared to where he is now is amazing . He has helped me keep my dreams alive, and he is still showing me ways to advance. He tells me to never give up, because he knows that in the HVAC, he has not yet seen a female on the field and that it is going to be hard for someone to give me the opportunity to join their company. That is why he has focused on helping me learn as much as possible, so that I can become more knowledgeable in the process, so that can help me prove society wrong, well actually (men) he emphasize.
As for Mr. Goad, I met him here at school, he is a gentlemen that no matter in what class we were in he wanted to be my partner for any type of projects. He said that it was much easier working with me, then with any of the other men in class. He showed me allot of the things, that other men from our class wouldn't. I still don't understand men out there, many of them still act as the typical (Mexican Macho), or as others may say they are just protecting their (Job Security).

Thomas is an aw some man, I can always depend on him if I ever get stuck on any thing or if I have any questions. Men like that are the type that help the world go round and round, not the ones that keep everything to them self's and become selfish, as they say again (job security).
Career Interviews

Rosa E Enriquez
Thank you
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