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P313: Curriculum VS. Development

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Leslie Brancamp

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of P313: Curriculum VS. Development

Curriculum VS. Development Middle School Math Curriculum & Adolescent Cognitive Development... NCTM.org
Adolescence NCTM??? How does this relate to cognitive development?
Steinberg explains the 5 major changes in cognition during adolescence: 5.Adolescents are more likely than children to see things as relative, rather than as absolute. 1.Adolescents are better able than children to think about what is possible, instead of limiting their thought to what is real. 2.Adolescents are better able than children to think about abstract things. 3.Adolescents think more often than children about the process of thinking itself. 4.Adolescents’ thinking, compared to children’s, is more often multidimensional, rather than limited to a single issue. Related to the 3 standards researched:
There are multiple similarities that can be noted within the middle grade principles, including: The curricular standards require a more advanced level of thinking and reasoning. The standards involve students to think more abstractly about mathematics. Problems and solutions are no longer always in a concrete context. Students also need to begin making arguments and proving their mathematical ideas. Students are pushed to use metacognitive skills. How does this relate to you? Know your curriculum!
Know your students!
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