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Comparison of Animal Farm and Harrison Bergeron

No description

ben steuber

on 5 March 2015

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Transcript of Comparison of Animal Farm and Harrison Bergeron

Animal Farms message
- nobody equal
"Harrison Bergeron"
"Harrison Bergeron" plot event
everybody equal

211,212,213 amendments
no competing
people that know whats happening forced to listen to bad noises
change people
Harrison broke out of jail
Animal Farms plot event
everybody equal
- old majors speech
- old major passed
-pigs change the commandments


- commandments
- cowshed
-snowball, Mollie left the farm

"Harrison Bergeron" is a Short Story
2081: everybody is equal

Handicapper general = government

If your smart, strong, athlete, or pretty
you have to wear headphones, weights and mask so your not better then anyone else
Comparison of
Animal Farm and "
Harrison Bergeron"

By: Ben Steuber
Animal Farm and "Harrison Bergeron" both use propaganda
"Harrison Bergeron" propaganda
”Everybody was finally equal.”

Animal Farm
"7. All animals are equal."

Animal farm
and "Harrison Bergeron" both use direct irony
-government taken over

-nobody is equal
"Harrison Bergeron" direct irony
We know everybody is not equal

Animal Farm
direct irony
we know snowball does not work with Jones
Plot event - Rebellion
Direct irony
There is no equality!
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