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on 20 December 2013

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Transcript of evaporation

water cycle
Evaporation:When the sun heats up the water and it becomes vapor and rises in the air.It supports the water cycle because this water comes from the rivers,lakes,oceans,and even puddles you see on the sidewalks or streets.
condensation;is when the water viper in the air cools down and turns into tiny droplets of liquid.this supports the water cycle because of clouds.
The Way of the Water cycle!
by Ruby G., JoshuaD.,FidelD.,Cecilia T.,

introduce research project
Water changes each day because each day is different and it can change stages.We collect information from the internet website name was www.watercycle.com.

The water cycle has mutiple stages.
The earth cant live without the water cycle.
The water cycle never stops.
The water cycle is over 1million 4years old.
The sun can be a process of the water cycle because it helps water evaporate.
The water cycle could start at any stage because it always starts water to vapor and then to rain.
Water cycle
precipitation:a process of rain,snow,sleet,or hail.This supports the water cycle because it rains and plants soak up the water.This keeps earth and plants healthy.
Without one part of the water cycle the water cycle won't be able to continue because the water cycle will stay in one spot.What we learn in our research is all of the stages of the water cycle.
Ground water
Ground water:under ground water that stays in soil and rocks.This is good because it saves water in soil and rocks.{conservation}.
A release of water from a plant through the leaves and this helps the plants.
Run off
When rain water flows over mountains,hills, and also plains.It takes rock minerals to lakes and rivers.
What would happen without one part of the water cycle?
Can the water cycle begin at any stage ?
Yes the water cycle can start at any stage because either way it will still go completely around.For example evaporation will still end up starting all over again.
Fun facts
1.The water cycle started 30,000 years ago.
2.Water on the side walk can be from the dino age.
3.The water cycle will never stop.
Need water
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