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Eire Stone

In-residence Digital Marketing Kiosk

Sofia Zingale

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of Eire Stone

Eire Stone In-Residence Digital Marketing Kiosk TODAY'S TASKS Brainstorming Focus Points - About Eire Stone
- Industry Issues
- Digital Signage Marketing
- Our solution
- Cost Effectiveness LONG TERM ASSIGNMENTS About Eire Stone: aa - By delivering State of the Art Technology, Eire Stone
is aiming to bridge the gap between conventional
Marketing and Digital Signage. - Marketing has reached a plateau
- Print
- Mass Email
- Phone Sales
- Social Media

- Retailers must work smarter today, to deliver more targeted promotions

- The wave of the future is Digital Marketing at Point of Purchase Call From: Dick Ferdinand New Ideas Goals 21st Century Marketing The customer The client Don't Forget!! Digital Signage - One of the most important features is the ability to grab the attention of potential customers, everyday.

- Digital Signage helps retailers drive customer traffic and boost sales.

- Interactive reinforcement at point of purchase is the piece of the puzzle missing from our ever growing technical world.

- Retailers are embracing digital point of sales in order to decrease conversions and provide better customer service, while creating in-store efficiencies.

-Digital in store experience elevates brand awareness and engagement.

-Eire Stone is connecting the customer to the
- You can promote winter gear when
you know a snow storm is coming web mobile and Store experience. - With our machines: - You can also control the promotions by
regions - You can customize your promotions to
run morning, afternoon, and/or
evening. Eire Stone has developed an in-residence interactive Kiosk that: Using video intelligence, retailers can improve sales and enhance performance in every square foot of store space. 1.Engages the customer at point of sale

2.Reinforces the Brand steps from the register

3.Allows retailer to control marketing campaigns in real time

4.Directs customer to the location of product upon entering the store Industry Issues Don't Forget! Our Solution Eire Stone has developed an in-residence interactive Kiosk that:
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