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No description

gabrielle johnson

on 12 January 2012

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Transcript of MT USU

Mount USU By Gabby Mount Usu last erupted in 1978 after a series of earthquakes. ... levels of
underground water that has been responsible for restraining violent magma
activity. ... "As long as the volcano continues as it is now, with small eruptions of ...
In the first nine hours of Sunday, the area around Mt. Usu recorded two.
It has erupted four times
since 1900. Mount Usu formed on the southern rim of the caldera containing the lake In late March 2000 Mt Usu erupted for
the firsttime in 22 years, forcing the
evacuationof 13,000 residents The 2000 eruption of Mt Usu volcanobegan
after several days of increased seismicity
and ground deformation. It was on August 7, 1977 - the 32nd summer from the emergence of Showashinzan (Showa New Mountain) - when Mount Usu initiated large-scale pumice eruption at the mountain top. Mount USU is Location
in Hokkaidō, Japan
Mount Usu, with a latitude of 42.8
(42° 47' 60 N) and a longitude of
140.85 (140° 50' 60 E), is a hypsographic (mountains) located in Japan
that is a part of Asia.The
location is situated 795 kilometers
north (17°) of the approximate
center of Japan and 797 kilometers
north (6°) of the captial Tokyo.
A 100 square km area around Mount
Usu has an aproximate population of
7830481 (0.078305 persons per square
meter) and an average elevation of 172
meters above the sea

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