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china Menu

Antoine Lones

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of china

CHINA How Is China China economy is huge and expanding rapidly. in the last 30 years the rate of chinese economic growth has been great, averaging 8% GDP per annum. The economy has grown ten time since that period and chinese GDP reaching 3.42 trillon yan in 2007( 300 billion in U.S.A.) 2040 It has been reported that china will have a GDP of 123 TRILLION in 2040...
MON--EEEE P3R CapiT@ Although china has the 2nd biggest economy after the U.S. it is still a very poor country with an annual income of $2000 a year. 1 Dolllar = 7 Yan... Is It (Cheap)
0r (Expensive) Depending on where you live in china usually determines how much money you will need. In the rural areas around $100 U.S. dollars , and in the city roughly around $400 U.s. dollars. up up and away China's Culture tumor eating with chop sticks China sex workers Great wall of china BUDDAH China poverty G
a G i r l Frog Man You want beef Lo Mein NO more like Cat Lo Mein China Temple whats popular in China Literacy Rate As of 2010
95% Female
99% Male
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