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Protecting The Enviroment

I will be showing ways how I, my family, and my school can help the enviroment

Derian Gueldner

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Protecting The Enviroment

Protecting The Environment We all can change a couple things in our life
to help the environment. Let me tell you how I can. 1. The First way I can help the environment is
during the day turn of all lights. 2. The second way I can help the enviroment
is to not take long showers. 3. The last but not least way is dont watch to
much T.V. Here are some ways my family can help the Environment. 1. The first way my family can help the environment is
only use the car when necessary. 2. The second way my family can help the
environment is dont wait for the car to warm up. 3. When we leave the house we should turn
off all the lights to conserve energy. These are some of the ways to city and school can help the environment. 1. The whole city should turn all of their lights off at 10:30. 2. In the classroom we should open the blinds and use lamps
instead of using the lights. 3. People who are caught literings should pay a fine.
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