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Andrei Chikatilo

No description

Casey O'Farrell

on 18 April 2015

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Transcript of Andrei Chikatilo

How Forensics Solved the Case:
Andrei Chikatilo

Early Life
Prior to his birth, Chikatilo's older brother was kidnapped and eaten by the familie's neighbors due to the harsh Soviet Winter.

Andrei Chikatilo is born October 16, 1936 with a condition called Hydrocephalus, or "water on the brain".

His family shared a one-room hut, all sleeping he same bed.

A chronic bed-wetter, Andrei was severely beaten for each offense.

His father was drafted by the Soviet's Red Army and wounded in combat.

Chikatilo was constantly bullied in school throughout growing up.

He suffered from severe impotence beginning in adolescence, for which he was also mocked.

His only sexual relationship as a child is at age 17 when he wrestled and 11-year-old girl to the ground, ejaculating as the girl struggled.
1936 - 1962
In 1963, Chikatilo met and married a woman introduced to him by his sister.

They have two children by 1969.

Graduates from Rostov University with a degree in Russian Literature.

He begins his career as a teacher of Russian Language and Literature.

He is accused of molesting a number of students, both male and female, and is fired in 1974.
Marriage &
Teaching Career
The Murders Begin
Chikato's first victim is a 9-year-old girl. He attempted to rape her but could not achieve an erection due to his impotency. He then strangled her and stabbed her 3 times in the stomach, ejaculating in the process. Her body was found in a frozen stream nearby.

A man named Alexsandr Kravchenko is convicted and executed for the murder.

Following this, Chikatilo describes himself as "only able to achieve sexual arousal and orgasm through stabbing and slashing women and children to death".
17-year-old girl; mouth filled with dirt, strangled, bit off and ate her nipple.

- Chikatilo begins luring children and vagrants into the woods.
13-year-old girl; stabbed repeatedly, gouged eyes, killed her and had sex with her corpse.
14-year-old; killed while Chikatilo was on a business trip.
9-year-old; killed while Chikatilo was on a business trip.
2 more boys within 9 days and a mile of each other, each found stabbed to death.
10-year-old; brutally murdered and tortured.

15 year-old girl.
13-year-old girl, a friend of their family and recent house guest.
24-year-old prostitute.
7-year-old boy, slaughtered in the Aviators' Park
4 more children in 1983
Andrei continues killing through 1984, until he is arrested after his 15th brutal murder.

A search of Chikatilo's belongings revealed a knife and a rope, and he matched the physical description of the murderer.

This was not enough to convict Chikatilo at the time, and he was released after serving three months for petty theft.

The killings continued.
Arrest & Release
While arrested in 1984, Chikatilo gave a blood sample that was determined to be Type A.

The killer's had been determined as Type AB, based on semen samples taken at the scene of the murders.
The Butcher of Rostov
List of Andrei Chikatilo's Victims
Chikatilo would continue to strangle and murder children until 1990.

- November 6, 1990: A policeman stopped Chikatilo exiting the forest near a train station where victims had been taken. He had grass stains on his elbows and knees and a red smudge on his cheek. When asked, he told the policeman he had been foraging for mushrooms. The encounter struck the policeman as odd who then compared past descriptions of suspects and concluced that it must have been Chikatilo all along. For numerous cases at numerous locales, Chikatilo's close proximity had been established.

Nov. 20, 1990 - while attempting to abduct a 16-year-old boy from the train station, Andrei Chikatilo was arrested.
The Murders Continue
Trial & Conviction
Chikatilo confessed to 36 murders within the first two hours of police interrogation.
His trial was an absurd exhibition of a deeply haunted man who would at times burst out, or remove his clothes and display his genitalia.
He was kept in an iron cage during his trial so that the enraged families of the victims would not kill him before he could be tried.
How Forensics Solved The Case
Chikatilo's blood sample in 1984 (Type A) did not match the semen samples collected from the murder scenes (Type AB).
However, upon his second arrest, both samples were requested from Chikatilo.
It was confirmed that Andrei Chikatilo did have Type A blood, but also had Type AB semen, confirming Andrei Chikatilo as the murderer.
Before Chikatilo, the occurence of non-matching blood and semen type was previously thought to be extremely rare and likely impossible.
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