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EBay & GittiGidiyor

Strategic Initiative Analysis

Ebru Atilgan

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of EBay & GittiGidiyor

OUTLINE Strategic Initiative of Introduction
Reasons for SI
Macro-environmental Analysis
Industry Analysis
Capabilities and Resources
Discussion and Analysis of the SI
Results and Assessment of the SI Introduction to the Company EBay:
Founded in 1995 in California
World’s largest online C2C selling platform
Publicly traded company in 1998
Localized operations and websites in over 30 countries
108.3 million active users & over 30.000 employees worldwide

Founded in 2001
Second ranked online shopping site (2011)
7 million registered users & over 150 employees Reasons for SI:
Macro-environmental Analysis Legal & Political Factors

Newly formed regulations for e-commerce (3D- Secure Payment)
Eliminates the credit card thefts and unauthorized purchases
Personal data protection
Increased reliability of online shopping
New commercial code: each firm whether big or small has to have a website Description of the Strategic Initiative May 2011, eBay acquired 93% shares of Gittigidiyor
$235 m worth acquisition

Driving forces:
Turkey’s potential in e-commerce and local knowledge
Ebay’s global expertise Reasons for SI:
Macro-environmental Analysis Social Factors

Population: 74 million and 34% of it young
internet users: 23.4 million people
6th largest internet population in Europe
Market penetration rate: 45%
Mobile internet usage rate: 22%
Increased availability and convenience to the users TEAM 6:
Ahsen Erten
Baris Sakal
Ebru Atilgan
Matic Wolf
Özge Hatipoglu
Sena Çoklar Reasons for SI:
Macro-environmental Analysis Economic Factors

E-commerce market in Turkey has grown by 57% in 2011
Internet retailing expanded 61.1% in real terms over 2006 to 2011
in 2011 GDP has grown 8.5% and disposable income continues increasing Reasons for SI:
Macro-environmental Analysis Technological Factors

Fiber optic infrastructure bandwidth of 10 gigabytes per second
Since 2009, 3G mobile networks
Strong logistic infrastructure (GPS tracking systems) Reasons for SI: Industry Analysis Power of Buyers

Strong in e-commerce
Customers have various online shopping options
C2C, B2C
Low switching costs
Firstly price-sensitive & care value Reasons for SI: Industry Analysis Power of Suppliers

Powerful due to two-sided marketplace
website is a platform for buyers and sellers to meet and do trade
charge sellers according to:
size of their product range
product price
take commission from each sale Reasons for SI: Industry Analysis Threat of Substitutes

Not a serious threat
Substituted with offline shopping channels
Physical stores may not offer the same quality of customer service and convenience
Online retailers: lower price and ease of delivery
Technological and legal improvements
decreased security concern
flexible return-refund options Reasons for SI: Industry Analysis Threat of New Entrants

Easy to enter

No serious entering barriers or high capital requirements

Duplications of businesses

Profitable market that yields high returns: encourages investors

substantial investment in IT
Knowledge (technical and managerial) of e-commerce market Reasons for SI: Industry Analysis Competitive Rivalry

Competitive: There are over 100 e-commerce players in Turkey
1st: Sahibinden.com
2nd: GittiGidiyor.com
3rd: Hepsiburada.com

Competition in price & non-price dimensions
Adding more value, increasingg loyalty, promotions etc.

Different kinds of business models in e-commerce:
Auction, private shopping sites, multi-category retailer sites etc.

Electronics, fashion, media, jewelry and auto parts are most prefered product categories Reasons for SI: Competencies & Resources Ebay:
First auction site
Ranked #22 in the world
Inorganic growth: localize their operations more with acquisitions and mergers in the local markets
55% of their net revenues from international expansion
108.3 million active users & over 30.000 employees worldwide

First marketplace website in Turkey
Ranked #1221 in the world
Advertising agreement with Facebook and Google
7 million registered users & over 150 employees Discussion & Analysis EBay:

Paying through pay-pal

Strong global brand image

Global support

Know-how transfers

Access to globally managed modules Gittigidiyor:

Turkish market potential

Local experience

Fixed priced listing Results & Assessment Gittigidiyor:

1 year integration process
Legal & market place department opened
Financial services & other departments had been aligned with EBay
40 people group located in Europe for different capabilities
2011: 20% growth over 2010 revenue
2012 revenue gained in first 3 quarter= 2011 revenue THANK YOU!

Any questions? Results & Assessment EBay:

Achieving multi-channel marketplace
Entering into Turkish market with high potential
Adding Gittigidiyor’s registered users to its customer portfolio
More courages to face financial risks (lowering fees, shopping card options)
Head to head competition with Amazon.com Gittigidiyor:

Mobile applications ( 7.2% of transaction volume of E-bay)
Gittigidiyor focuses on mobile applications for Android and Iphone
Disadvantage of being small but global
Losing flexibility Results & Assessment
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