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Rules & Procedures Presentation

No description

Alisha Adams

on 28 October 2015

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Transcript of Rules & Procedures Presentation

B. Be Prepared
The Pathway To Success Is Through the Rules
B. Be Prepared
Bring all your necessary materials to class:
English Folder
Lined paper
Assigned Book
Any Homework/Assignments

C. Be Respectful
Raise your hand to ask a question, make a comment, or ask for help
Refrain from unnecessary talking or other actions that interfere with learning.
Treat all books and equipment with care, especially the Chromebooks.

E. Be a Contributor
Make positive contributions to the class
Treat your teacher and classmates with respect

F. Be Honest
Tell the truth, including all of the facts, in all your dealings with your teacher and fellow students
Only submit your original work as your own

C. Be Respectful
D. Be Responsible
E. Be a Contributor
F. Be Honest
Class Rules & Procedures
D. Be Responsible
Use class time wisely
Begin assigned work immediately
Finish required work before engaging in other activities
Complete assigned work (both in class and homework) according to directions
Turn work in ON TIME
Student success is achieved when...
A. Be Courteous
A. Be Courteous
Be to class on time
Enter quietly and courteously
Be in your seat when the bell rings to avoid being tardy
Begin quietly working on any Mustang Minute/Movement and wait for instruction
Class Rules at a Glance:
Rules vs. Procedures
What's the difference?
a regulation or direction concerning method of behavior in a place or activity
Your place = my classroom
Your activity = anything happening in my classroom
...we all follow the rules. This maintains a positive and effective classroom environment where we can have fun.
...we know the procedures to follow and actions to take when there is a deviation from the norm.
1. Have your items needed with you EVERY DAY!
English folder
Writing utensil (pencil or pen)
Assigned novel for unit
Any assignment that is due
Anything else listed under “Items Needed”
How to Be Respectful?
How to Be Responsible?
How to Be a Contributor
How to Be Honest
Miscellaneous Procedures
the sequence of actions to be followed in solving a problem or accomplishing a task
Ask yourself...
"What do you I do when..." or
"How do I..."
Mustang Minute
August 21, 2015
1. Sit in your same seat from yesterday & grab your items needed.

2. Clear your desk of

3. Quietly read the Disclosure Document.

If you're talking you're not reading.
2. All items should be gathered before the bell rings. You should not be out of your seat grabbing anything when the bell rings
3. Don't have the items needed you can/will:
Borrow from a friend (or Mrs. Adams)
Lose points if you are unprepared
1. To ask a question or get help you should:
Raise your hand
Make eye contact
Wait patiently
2. Should NEVER be out of your seat without asking permission.
3. Reasons to be out of your seat WITHOUT ASKING are:
Sharpening your pencil (do this before the bell rings).
Throwing something away
Make sure you do this quickly, quietly, and efficiently.
4. Eating snacks in class is permissible:
Do not bring an entire meal.
Avoid distracting foods.
5. Gum should not be seen or heard.
If it is found anywhere but the trash it will be banned.
6. Leaving class to go to your locker, the bathroom, the drinking fountain, or the office is NOT ALLOWED:
See rule #2 on being prepared.
Go to the bathroom and get a drink BEFORE class.
Bring a water bottle if you need.
Emergencies happen - see me if they do. *NO PEEMERGENCIES!
7. Pack up to leave when Mrs. Adams has given you permission. Never before!
1. Not in your seat when the bell rings you are tardy.
Sign into the tardy log.
Place your note by the tardy log if you have one.
Come in quietly and pick up where the class is without making a scene.
2. Sit only in your assigned seat with your knees under your desktop - unless otherwise instructed.
3. When the bell rings you should be:
Quietly working on the Mustang Minute.
Not talking to a neighbor.
Have listed items needed on desk ready to go.
1. Assignments should:
Handwriting should be neat and clear to read - when in doubt, TYPE IT!
Follow all specific instructions given on/for the assignment.
2. Turn in on-time assignments when they are asked for.
"Early" assignments go to the back basket. Make sure to inform Mrs. Adams.
3. Finished early?! Work on ENGLISH ONLY.
4. Absent from class:
Check the class folder at the back of the room to get any worksheets.
Check online for instructions, Mustang Minutes, etc.
Set an apt to talk with Mrs. Adams or email to get a new due date and get questions answered.
Write ABSENT at the top and turn in assignment to the ABSENT basket at BACK of classroom.
5. Turning in late work:
Write LATE at the top of the assignment. Turn in to the LATE basket at the BACK of the classroom

Can earn full credit in Assignments grade.
BUT disqualified for REDO!
Make sure it's perfect.
Lose 30% the value of the assignment from your Professionalism grade (10% of your overall grade).
6. No Name Assignments
Get the assignment off the No Name Wall of Shame (the door) and lose 2 points from Professionalism grade.
Write your name on the assignment
and put it in the Claimed No-Names basket at the BACK of the classroom.
7. Mustang Minutes should be fill all of the lines in the box unless otherwise instructed.
Write the date in the left-column.
Absent? Make up Mustang Minutes by checking the Website.
8. Discuss grade questions/concerns AFTER you have checked the
report on SIS first.
Set up a time to talk to Mrs. Adams before school or email.
9. Need more time to finish an assignment:
See/email Mrs. Adams when you have questions or confusion
Come in during Flex Time for help.
10. Lost an assignment get a new copy from the back
off the class website.
1. When responding to Mrs. Adams' or a fellow student's questions:
Answer respectfully and honestly, Think and then speak. Ask for an extra moment if needed.
"I don't know" is not an option.
Keep comments on topic - no "squirrel" comments or questions.
Appropriate comments/questions will EARN you 5 (five) Professionalism points

2. You can ask questions and/or make comments when...
Mrs. Adams asks, "Are there any questions/comments..."
During Notes, just wait!
listening to and/or reading ALL of the instructions for an assignment.

3. When participating in partner or group work:
Start by sitting together and facing your group.
Pull your own weight!
Participate actively by giving suggestions, ideas, and constructive opinions.
Be kind and respectful to other's suggestions and opinions - don't be an idea bully.
Stay on task at all times.
disrupt or distract other groups by talking to them.

1. Avoid the appearance of cheating at all costs by...
Never giving your assignment away.
Help guide them to the answer in the book or assignment by asking or rephrasing questions. (Have you thought about..., Let's look at page..., What do you think it means when..., etc.)
Reread and/or rephrase a portion of the book/text or instructions to them.
Answers should always be found
When in doubt check the Plagiarism Policy before doing anything!
2. If you witness cheating and/or plagiarism by a fellow student:
Find a way to inform Mrs. Adams - you will remain anonymous.
If you have the courage, confront the student(s) that what they're doing is wrong.
Remember that what's wrong is wrong, even if everyone is doing it. What's right is right, even if no one is doing it!
1. USE THE CLASS WEBSITE DAILY! (www.mjhsadamshonorsenglish9.com)
See class announcements.
New copies of assignments.
Calendar of due dates.
Helpful resources and links.
Email Mrs. Adams.
Submit assignments online.

2. If you are feeling F.I.N.E (Freaked out, Insecure, Neurotic, or Emotionally overloaded)...
Come see me
you feel like you're going to explode.
Email me
you feel like you're going to explode.
Get better organized - I can help!

3. Leave a request or reminder for Mrs. Adams by:
Use a post-it note and put it on the reminder clipboard.
Write a brief and polite message asking what you need, your FULL NAME, and the date.

4. Submit items to the class bulletin boards.
Find a positive/uplifting favorite quote or an example of an everyday hero (write one, find one in the news, etc.)
Print it out and/or write it on a piece of paper - legibly, etc.
Turn it in to the basket on the counter.
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