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Haile Middle School Engineering 7th Grade Bereiter R

My 7th Grade Prezi

Robert B

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of Haile Middle School Engineering 7th Grade Bereiter R

My 7th Grade Engineering Prezi The design of the robot amazes me. Bruno Maisonnier decided that the best way to create a helpful robot was to create a robot with the design of a human. It does anything a human can do, and more. Pure genious. NAO: Humanoid Robot The final sketch is in progress. The robot should be started by Tuesday. Sack Attack Robot Update 8/31 We have started constructing the robot, the SolidWorks chassis, and our PowerPoint Sack Attack Robot Update 9/6 This is a pumpkin I made in SolidWorks. I think it looks like an upside-down umbrella. Pumpkin Our robot might be drivable by the end of the period. We have a few wheels on the robot. Sack Attack Robot Update 9/14 I am interested in aerospace engineering because it has to do with constructing spacecraft. I have been interested in outer space. Aerospace engineering is where you build planes and spacecraft. After it's constructed, it gets tested. How great would it be to see my design taking people to the great beyond. Not only that, but aerospace engineers are helpful in other fields. They can make more efficient cars. I would like to be an aerospace engineer if my inventing career doesn't go as planned. I would still get to use Solid Works. Aerospace Engineering Apache Skateboarders 1. They could use laser engraving by engraving "Four Wheel War Pony" on their skateboards. They could engrave the skate park pieces.

2.The could use SolidWorks by designing the pieces to the skate park. Th X, Y, and Z axis are the dimensions or coordinates of an object. X goes left and right, is an object's length, is the horizontal axis, and is the 1st coordinate. Y goes up and down, is an object's height, is the veritcal axis and is the 2nd coordinate. Z goes front and back, is an object's width, and is the occasional 3rd coordinate. (X,Y) are the dimentions of a 2-D object. (X,Y,Z) is a 3-D object. In SolidWorks, X, Y and Z (a.k.a right, top and front) are used to virtually manufacture 3-D objects. In math X and Y are used to graph points on a coordinate plane. If (2,4) is a coordinate, you go 2 steps right, and 4 steps up. The X, Y, and Z axis Sack Attack Robot Update 9/24
Goal: Arm 1 Elastic Collisions Our robot is drivable and turnable. We have hooked it up to the remote. Our arm is almost finished. It is not attatched to the robot. One gallon of water weighs approx. 8.3lbs.
2.5 gallons weighs approx. 21 pounds. Weight of Water Innovation Desirability is how much someone wants it. Capability is how much it can do. Viability is the ability to maintain life. All together makes value. Our robot can pick up small object and put them in small places. Our robot can be wanted by lazy people who don't like picking things up. An elastic collision is a collision with full kinetic energy. If a baseball at maximum speed hit a bat with maximum force, that would be an elastic collision. With an aluminum bat's elastic collision, the ball would be hit harder than a wood bat's. If a wooden bat was to hit a baseball, it would only go x meters. An aluminum bat would hit the ball more than x meters. If an aluminum bat were to strike a wooden bat, the wooden bat would probably break. I say that because an aluminum bat is stronger than a baseball, and baseballs may make wooden bats crack. However, we don't know how much kinetic energy an object can have, because you can use more and more force. Also, if we make robots, they could have more force than we humans ever could. A wind tunnel can simulate flight . To start, adjust the tunnel's setting so that the air current is close to that of flight. Many air tunnels move based off of the speed of sound (Mach.) You can affect the wind with humidity, temperature, or even density.

To simulate flight, place your model plane in the tunnel. Then, turn the tunnel on. Next, the plane should take off and fly. After a period of time, turn the tunnel off. The plan may perform a great landing. Flight Simulation In TSA my group and I are working on a mirror box. You put your money inside, and the glass produces an illusion that fools others into thinking that there is no money in the box. This is for those who have problems with crooks, or other thieves. Prezi Post FROM STEEL 1. How many measuring tools are used?
I counted a total of 14 measuring tools in this video, measuring length, pressure, and others.

2. If you were offered a SolidWorks Job with Soul Craft, what elements of design would you work on?
I were to be hired as a SolidWorks professional I would first design the bike in SolidWorks. I would test to see the durability of the bike. I'd also test other functions, like an aerodynamics test.

This is the finished bike. This bike was made from pipe, and put together by Soul Craft. The lowest salary for a SolidWorks based job I found was around $15! It is part time, but I can't balieve that a jo that rquires a special certificate earns you only $15. The highest salary is around $160, 000. This is about half the money it takes to go to college. My Semester Exam Part I: Timeline http://prezi.com/mdlbpqmggwrr/tech-2-semester-1-timeline/?utm_source=website&utm_medium=prezi_landing_related_solr&utm_campaign=prezi_landing_related_owner Click the Link Project I and Project II Quarter 3 Project I: Cudacountry AirPlane
Current Objective: Finish Propeller
Goal: Finish Plane
Goal Percent Completion 86% Semester Exam Part II: SolidWorks Part This took about 2.5 hours. I did it as best as I could. PS This was a back-up picture, I deleted the old one. Project II: TSA Transportation Boat Sketches
Current Objective: Finish 1st sketch
Goal: Finish All Sketches
Goal Percent Completion 0% Project I: Quarter 3 Project I: Cudacountry AirPlane
Goal: Finish Plane
Goal Percent Completion 100% The plane, a project from CudaCountry, was to help practice for the SolidWorks Exam. The book was finished, so this was next. It was rather simple, most of the parts were already done by this time. The assembly was the hard part, but that was finished easily Project II: TSA Transportation Boat Sketches
Goal: Finish All Sketches
Goal Percent Completion 0% TSA District Competitions Tech Bowl The questionaire was skipped due to so few schools competing. The Haile Team (consisting of Zach, Lars, and myself. We lost 35-30 in the first round against Nolan. I did not see what happened after, because I had to go to my next event which was... Transportation Systems This event was prepared for as best as i could in two weeks. I started working on the boat in SolidWorks, and after a few days, I began to work on the prototype. Next week, I brought the boat home to fix it, build the proppeller and work on the folder. I did well creating these things, but my boat only went 23 inches and was probably disqualified because it was too big. Problem Solving w/ Noah Frantz We was not sure what to do for the event when Noah and I first entered. We had to make something that could pull rings off of a structure and drag them to a square. The problems was we couldn't get close enough to the structure. We came up with many ideas such as a fishing pole. In the end, all we had was a twisted rope of tape. It was simple, but it got the job done. The 7 Wastes Over Production Producing more than needed Inventory Work without value put into it Waiting Things that wait for work Motion Unnessary movement within a process Transportation Unnecessary movement between processes Rework Having to repeat what you did Over Processing Processing more than needed Final Exam http://tiny.cc/robertexam
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