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Karl Benz

information about Karl Benz

Yeseo Choi

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of Karl Benz

Karl Friedrich Benz General information: Father: Johann George Benz
Mother: Josephine Valliant
Birth name: Karl Friedrich Micheal Valliant
Father was killed in railway accident when Karl was two
Karl Friedrich Micheal Valliant changed into Karl Friedrich Benz as remembrance of father
Karl Benz was poor but mother still gave education By Yeseo Choi and Victoria Schuler Born on 25th of October 1844 in Karlsruhe, Germany
Died on 4th of April 1929 in Ladenburg (84 years old)
Inventor, engine designer and car engineer
Designed and built the first car powered by an internal-combustion engine Early life What is Karl Benz best known for? Designing & building first practical automobile (three wheels)powered by internal-combustion engine
Used gasoline
Started company called Benz & Company
Became largest manufacturer by 1900 Personal life Contents! General information
Best known for
Early life
Personal life
Job that didn't fit to him
First car
Trying to beat Daimler
Extra (Pics & Family)

Married Bertha Benz (Ringer) on the 20th of July 1872
Had five children: Thilde, Eugen, Clara, Ellen, Richard Karl Benz's first car his first car was also first automobile on earth
built it on 1885 but was not patented until 29th of Janurary 1886
max. speed: 16kmph
engine type: four-stroke, carburetor 1 Jobs that didn't fit
to him (1) started with locksmithing then followed father with locomotive engineering
the next years, riding his bike he started collecting ideas for a horseless carriage
had seven years of professional training in companies but never fit in them
training started in Karlsruhe: two years of varied jobs in a mechanical engineering company
Summary Trying to win Gottlieb Daimler K.b. invented a lots of amazing stuff
but was falling behind biggest competitor: Gottlieb Daimler & his company in the topic innovation+ quality
sooo..... in 1903: Benz & company hired french engineers to improve vehicles design
and in 1906: founded second auto- making company K.Benz & Sons (built cars till 1923) being major helper to Daimler AG (by making auto parts)
K.b. remained a silent partner at Benz & company working together
Later on Daimler-Benz AG until K.b death Extra information 1 V V V Extra information 2 Karl Benz's family members are... mother: Josephine Valliant
wife: Bertha Benz father: Johann George Benz born on the 8th of January 1872 (born on the 3rd of May 1849 and died on the 5th of May 1944 Son: Eugen
(race car driver, born on the 1st of
May 1873)
Son: Richard
(race car driver,born on the 21st
October 1874)
Daughter: Klara
(born 1st August 1877)
Daughter: Thilde
(born on the2nd Febuary 1882)
Daughter: Ellen
(b. 16-Mar-1890) V Karl Benz's logo from 1902 till now V karl Benz's first autobile studied mechanical engineering in university of Karlsruheo n 30th of September 1860-9th of July 1864
moved to Mannheim: worked as draftsman & designer in scales factory
in 1886 went to Pforzheim: worked for bridge building company Gebrueder Benckiser Eisenwerke und Maschinen- fabrik
finally went to Vienna for short period: worked at iron construction company Jobs that didn't fit to him (2) V summary of Karl Benz
short clip from you tube sooo....here are our 5 questions: Thank you for listening! 1. What is Karl Benz's
fathers full name? A: Johann George Benz 2. Which year did Karl Benz die? A: 1929 3. How much did Karl
Benz's first car weigh? A: 265kg 4. Can you name
all of Karl Benz's children? A: Thilde, Eugen,
Klara, Ellen, Richard 5. How may years of professional training did
Karl Benz have? A: 7 years THANK YOU! ANY QUESTIONS OR COMMENTS? Hope you like it! By Yeseo Choi and Victoria Schuler
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