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Eric Shoshone

No description

Emily Mackie

on 17 December 2012

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Transcript of Eric Shoshone

Shoshone The Shoshone tribe was located in the California-Intermountain Region. This tribe lived in present-day... The Geographic Location The tribe lived in the southern areas of the California Inter-mountain region including the Great Basin which supported small amounts of food, water, and shelter so the Shoshone were nomadic in these areas. The nights were freezing while the noon was extreme heat.They also lived in northern areas where they could stay like the Snake River and many resources were there for them. Geography and Climate The Common Foods Eaten in my Tribe The Shoshones ate many foods including rabbits, ants, berries, shellfish, deer, birds, and fish. Common Shelters Used in the Tribe The Shoshones made cone-shaped redwood houses, constructed by piling thick pieces of bark against a center pole, and looked like an upside-down ice cream cone. Types of Clothing Worn in the Shoshones Tribe They wore clam shell beads on cord necklaces which they used for currency. In the summer the women and the men wore loincloths, and during the winter they wore deer hide aprons and blankets. Tools and Weapons They used grass baskets with shells,beads, feathers, and grass. They also had crossbows and bow & arrows to hunt. Utah Montana Idaho Nevada And... California Or these areas. Fun Facts About the Shoshone Tribe Sacajawea, the helper of Lewis and Clark lived in the Shoshone tribe. Also, when Lewis came into the village the chief gave him a very bitter root.
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