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Hard Drives

No description

Caitlin Gearhart

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Hard Drives

Hard Drives What is it? Computer Hardware
Storage Device
Magnetic Disk How does it work? Magnetic Storage
Binary Particles Capacity 5 16 GB flash drives = 80 GB Hard drive About 17 4.7 GB DVDs = 80 GB Hard drive 40 2 GB of Tape = 80 GB Hard drive Cost Internal 500 GB $50-90 1 TB $90-180 External 500 GB $60-120 1 TB $150-180 Options Internal External Drive Controller Types: SATA Ultra ATA EIDE SCSI Pros Cons Multiple Computers Lots of Storage Capacity Fast access Cheap Data is lost if it crashes Fun Facts Damaged by high altitude Changed in size 739.7 GB storage space sold Moving Parts
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