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Connecting your Peer Group to your Resume

Career Center

stephanie reyes

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of Connecting your Peer Group to your Resume

Provide an overview of your experience and skills
Establish qualifications, accomplishments, and credentials
Highlight specific, relevant background
Must be dynamic, changeable documents
Should be updated on a regular basis Get you an interview! Create a winning first impression with your resume! 1. Take inventory of your experience:
Relevant experience, paid or unpaid? High school
experience? Clubs, projects, leadership, etc.? 2. Include standard resume ingredients,
follow consistent and professional format,
and produce an error free document. 3. Know your audience and tailor resume
to the position, using the job description
or industry language. Main Ingredients and Resume Format General Format Minimum Margin – Top: 0.8” - 1”; Sides and Bottom: 0.5” - 1” Order – Heading, Objective (if included), and Education are listed first in that order Length – Undergraduate level - 1 page; Graduate - 1- 2 pages Font Size and Style – 10-12; easy-to-read fonts (i.e., Calibri, Georgia, Arial, Cambria, Times New Roman) Balance – White space and text space So, what does a resume generally include? Do's and Don'ts Connecting Your Peer Group
to Your Resume The Career Center at UCR
951.827.3631 Resume Pop Quiz What is the purpose of a resume? Resume Basics How much time do you think the average employer spends looking at a resume? 10 minutes 1 minute 30 seconds 5 minutes Resume Pop Quiz Format tips, resources, Cover letters Professional email address that will be easily accessible after you graduate and that includes all or most of your name
Telephone number and physical address where employer can reach you
Have a complete LinkedIn profile? Consider including the public profile link here Consistent content and format 1 inch 1/2 inch Paid or unpaid
Presentations or public speaking
SERVICE in student organizations
Formal or informal faculty research
Volunteering and internships
Class projects, labs, MAJOR assignments What "Counts" as Experience? Resume Pop Quiz What is the best way to talk about experience on a resume? C. Describe all job duties or tasks using personal pronouns B. Write short action statements using bullet points

C. Describe all job duties or task using personal pronouns A. Focus on skills and accomplishments Consider other applicable skills...

Language Skills
Language: Bilingual in Spanish and English.

Transferable Skills
Presentations: Demonstrated experience developing and executing professional presentations to groups of up to 25.

Specific Skills
Marketing: Expert ability to develop customized marketing materials and strategies. Let's test your resume skills! Situation/Task---Action---Result Margins A and B B and C All of the above Other Headings Positions & Tasks/Skills Proof Read Let's Get Started! One page, 0.5-1.0 inch margins
20-second glance: most relevant first
Tailor your resume to the position
Use industry language to describe experience
All relevant experience, paid or unpaid
Consider relevance of high school experience
Avoid personal pronouns (I, me, my)
Use appropriate verb tenses
Error free (both spelling and grammar)
Font size:10-12; easy-to-read fonts (i.e., Calibri, Georgia, Arial, Cambria, Times New Roman) No Pronouns! Action verb words numbers, freq,duration Thank you!!! What about references? Interviewing Time Type Interviewer(s) Location BEFORE: Interview Logistics First impressions: It takes about 90 seconds for your interviewer to make an overall assessment of you. Dark or muted colors are more professional
Women wear stockings, men dark socks
Avoid heavy perfume or cologne
Clean hands, nails, and brushed teeth
Conservative hair style (and facial hair)
Have you checked your virtual presence lately? GOOD FIRST IMPRESSIONS INTERVIEW ATTIRE So why do you want to work for us?

Focus your company research on the following areas: company background/history, products/services, size, location, and latest news/events.
Minimally, explore the organization’s web page. Examine magazine and newspaper articles.
Your research should allow you to ask engaging questions and answer questions about what you know about the company. BEFORE: Employer Research Question: Tell me about a time when you were on a team and a member was not pulling his or her weight.
Theme: Teamwork
Answer: Situation, Task, Action, Result
Situation- I had been assigned to a team to build a canoe out of concrete. One of our team members was not showing up for our lab sessions or doing his assignments.
Task- I wanted to maintain a good relationship with him to work to his potential, so I met with him in private.
Action-I explained to him the frustration of the rest of the team, and I ask there was anything else I could to help. He told me he was preoccupied with another class he was not passing.
Result-He not only was able to spend more time on our project, he was also grateful to me for hearing him out. We finished our project on time, and received high scores. BEFORE: Behavioral Type Questions
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