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A Long Way Gone

No description

Rory Laverty

on 7 May 2014

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Transcript of A Long Way Gone

Ismael Beah
A Long Way Gone

The boy Soldier
Ismael Speaks
Ishmael Beah explains what it was like going through the war and his experiences and how he recovered after war.
About Ishmael Beah
Ismael Beah was born on november 3rd 1980 in Sierra Leone. At the age of 13 he was forced to become a child soldier. After three years at war Ishmael was finally rescued by a group of UNICEF soldiers. After he was rescued he said the hardest thing to get over was dealing with the addictions to all the drugs the soldiers forced him into doing.
Authors Education
Ishmael attended Oberlin College which is the school for the united nations. Ishmael graduated with a degree in social science. Ishmael is currently a united nations worker and occasionally does events where he talks about his experiences.
this book is very accurate to
what you have experienced
well you were trapped in your country. The author of this book found himself trapped in the most impossible situations at some moments.
Keeps you on edge
While reading the book it keeps you on edge with the stories he tells. It is quite unbelievable how he survived the war in Sierra Leone, he was shot, went a week without food, and survived on his own for two weeks. I do not know how Ishmael stayed strong for the amount of time he did and reading about the violence he witnessed and took part in really kept me on edge while reading.
you are a group of people that has lived
in a country with child soldiers
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