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Haitian vs. Mexican Revolution

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Stephanie Cortez

on 21 February 2015

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Transcript of Haitian vs. Mexican Revolution

During the early 19th century the Haitian Revolution and Mexican Independence were similar in that they were both caused by the French Revolution and both broke away from oppressive European powers; however, they differed in that the Haitian Revolution involved multiple countries and a former slave leader, while the Mexican Revolution involved only two countries and a priest leader.
Similarity #2
The outcome of both included the independence from an oppressive European power.
Difference #1
Where as the Haitian Revolution was lead by a former slave Toussaint L'Ouverture. While the Mexican Independence was lead by the priest Miguel Hidalgo.
Difference #2
While the Haitian Revolution had to deal with the pressured by three countries, during the Mexican Independence they where only pressured by on country.
Similarity #1
Both Haitian Revolution and Mexican Independence, were caused by the French Revolution.
Haitian Revolution vs. Mexican Independence
The Haitian Revolution was sparked when the Haitians learned that the King Louis XVI had outlawed slavery During the French Revolution. Later it was even more incited when Napoleon Bonaparte attempted to reestablish slavery
The Mexican Independence was also sparked by the French Revolution. When Napoleon Bonaparte established his brother as King of Spain conditions became worse in Mexico and the Mexican people revolted
The Haitians gained independence from France in 1804. However, Haiti was originally a Spanish colony.The French had gained control of this colony from Spain in 1625.
Mexico gained independence from Spain in 1821. The Spanish had first established this colony in 1521 and had remained in power for 300 years.
The Haitian Revolution was led by a former slave, Toussaint L'Ouverture, who led as a general of the Spanish army, but then switched sides when the French agreed to free all the slaves. He worked with Jean-Jacques Dessalines to defeat the French. He was deceived by the French, captured, and died in jail.
The Mexican Independence was lead by the priest Miguel Hidalgo. He, along with his comrades Ignacio Allende, was the first to rally people against the oppressive Spanish leaders. Hidalgo and his troops were killed. A small legion led by Jose Maria Morelos survived and continued to revolt at a small scale. The Revolution was then picked back up by Vicente Guerrero and Guadalupe Victoria.
As the Haitian Revolution progressed other countries such as Spain and Britain attempted to take over the colony because of France's inability to control it. The Haitians had to defend against 3 countries.
However, during the Mexican Revolution, the inhabitants of Mexico only had to worry about defending against Spain and not any other country.
The End
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