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Benjamin Harrison

No description

mr. johnson

on 25 September 2012

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Transcript of Benjamin Harrison

23 Benjamin Harrison Life Before Presidency Harrison practiced law from 1854 to 1860. He joined the republican party and campaigned for a presidential candidate, John C. Fremont. Life Before Cont.... After campaigning for his friend, Fremont, Harrison thought he should give it a try! He won elections for Indianapolis city attorney. Life Before Pres... He served as secretary of the Republican State Central Committee, and campaigned for Abraham Lincoln. He also served as the reporter for the Supreme Court of Indiana. Pros Some good things to know about Benjamin Harrison was that he was against slavery and became a Brigadier General, ranking above colonel but not as good as a major,
with the Union during the Civil War. Another good fact to know about Harrison was that he helped pass the Sherman Anti-trust act. This act helped protect trade while destroying monopolies that where unlawful. Harrison was also know for being well educated by being tutored from home, then attending a local school, and continuing his studies through college at Miami University in Ohio. He earned his degree in law after fighting in the Civil War to then be to be nominated to U.S. Senate in 1881. During his term as president, he was well recognized for giving great speeches. He had a very commanding voice. Harrison was also know for giving 140 different speeches over a 30 day period. Pros Youtube Video Sherman Anti-
Trust Act Picture of General Harrison This is a political cartoon showing that Harrison has just won the election of 1888. The elephant that is running away represents the republican party with it holding the names on the flags of Harrison and his Vice President Morton. Uncle Sam is also holding a jug of cider with the picture Harrsion and the slogan of "young tip" to represent his grandfather's nickname "old tip" for winning the Battle of Tippecanoe. Pros Picture Our group's opinion whether Benjamin Harrison was a good or bad president based on our pros and cons make us say that he was good but not great, he could have been better. Cons During Harrison's administration congress often avoided working with Harrison because of his short temper and his habit of abandoning bills if they ran through some trouble while getting passed.
Harrison's cabinet of elected officials was highly nonfunctional because they were all hated by other politicians and they all hated each other.
During Harrison's term worker strikes occurred across the country. The business owners hired thugs to beat up the strikers to end the protests. During all this Harrison supported the business owner violent responses to the strikes. In addition to this, Benjamin Harrison's passing of the Sherman Silver Act increased national inflation and decreased the worth of the U.S. dollar. This is an image ridiculing Benjamin Harrison for his calling for a tariff on tin, one of many of Harrison's tariffs that were considered embarrassing due to all of the extra money made. Presidential Policies During Harrison's term, he passed the McKinley Tariff which generated extra income into the treasury, and raised the average tariff to 48%. With this extra money Harrison expanded the navy and built roads. Harrison also passed the Sherman Antitrust Act which was the first action taken by the government to limit the power of monopolies. Unfortunately, not all of Harrison's acts that he had passed were that good. The Sherman Silver Act lowered the value of the U.S. dollar. The act forced many people to exchange silver and paper money for gold which increased inflation nation wide. Had many political family members including his grandpa William Henry Harrison(9th president), and John Scott Harrison(congressmen). Harrison's Early Years Benjamin was born August 20 (Leo), 1833, was born in North Bend Ohio. He hunted, fished, hauled wood, tended livestock, and studied. He was a very stiff and formal person. "The human iceberg." Benjamin had 3 brothers and 4 sisters. His parents were loving but more strict than affectionate. He grew up Presbyterian. Education Benjamin attended Farmers College in Cincinnati for 2 years and then finished his education at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. He graduated almost top of his class in 1852. Sweetheart <3 Caroline Lavinia Scott Harrison born in 1832 married Benjamin in 1853. They met in Cincinnati. Caroline loved english literature and was very well educated from a young age. As first lady, Caroline had electricity installed into the White House and modernized the kitchen, added a bathroom, and added bedrooms into the west wing. In 1891 the Daughters of the American Revolution asked her to be their first president general. She made huge progress in woman's rights acts. She died October 25, 1892 from tuberculosis. Caroline Harrison was the first person to have a Christmas tree put into the White House. Interesting Facts Benjamin Harrison was the second shortest president EVER!! He was only 5ft. 6in.
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