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Learning Futures Progress with the DigiPals

Runshaw College: 20 March 2015

Deborah Kellsey Millar

on 10 June 2015

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Transcript of Learning Futures Progress with the DigiPals

Tech news
Samsung TVs start inserting ads into your movies
- a free and easy way to discover, share and remember art you like.
Thought you could watch that video on your local hard drive without ads? Think again: A number of owners of Samsung’s smart TVs are reporting this week that their TV sets started to interrupt their movie viewing with Pepsi ads, which seem to be dynamically inserted into third-party content.
Microsoft's holographic computer headset, 'HoloLens'
Imagine you're wearing sunglasses with completely transparent lenses, and overlaid on the world in front of you is a rectangular box. That rectangular box is your window into Microsoft's "mixed" version of reality, we think its insane, imagine the possibilities, take a look...
All work and no play?
Try a quiz!
Mozilla Badges
- your personal magazine, Flipboard brings the world's best sources to one place, it’s a single place to follow the stories and people that matter to you.
HTC One M9 will be built for 4K and boast blazing speeds
Many people around the college know you as 'Mr. Moodle' but what is your official job title?

My official job title is Digital Learning Resource Developer. That means I am all things Moodle for Blackburn College. I do server administration, I do code updating, I write code and bespoke code. I also do the front end administration for college within Moodle. If it's Moodle it comes through me.
Something about ensuring that student and staff can access and devlop their T&L environemnt and make learning more accessible and more interactive.

It's that time of year again where some of the biggest names in the Android mobile space push their latest flagship handset to the masses. Expect big things in the coming weeks. While Samsung is thought to be prepping at least one Galaxy S6 and Sony has a new Xperia Z4 in the pipeline, HTC has its own One brand due for the annual refresh.
Cai Rourke chats with Edd Talbot,
a member of the Blackburn College Blended Learning Team, about the power of Moodle.
What can Moodle do for you?
Revisit work covered in class to check your learning.
The calendar system lets you record important dates and reminders.
Teachers can put wider reading and extension activities on Moodle.
There are quizzes, forums, polls and much more to help you get the best out of your time at Blackburn College.
It can be used at college, home, on the bus and is compatible with most devices.
First Edition
March 2015
I'm very excited to announce the release of the very first edition of Digi-Know?

We, the Digipals, are a team of tech-savvy students with one goal in mind-improving your learning experiences through technology. We have been working hard with staff and students across the college to bring together a comprehensive collection of resources and articles about technology (with some fun stuff thrown in too!). Explore the links above and let us know what you think on Facebook or Twitter.

Student Digipal Team
Appy Days
Apps can help you to revise, organise your life and make homework easier. Here are the top five for this month...
- Revise your notes wherever you are. Teachers and students can create quizzes, polls and space races with ease.
-a firm favourite of the Digipals. Make your own flashcards to revise key terminology. There are thousands of ready-made ones too!
-we've all been there!
You spent all night on that
assignment and it's not there when
you plug in your pendrive the following day! Now you can save all your work to the Onedrive Cloud and access work anywhere. Genius!
A student Digipal publication...
Online Tips...
Cloud storage will minimise the risk of lost work. The best ones are Onedrive, Dropbox, Googledrive and Evernote. You can save your work anywhere and access it on all your devices.

Our project...

is sponsored by:
Embedding technology in staff and student practice.
To learn more, click here...
To learn more, click here...
When researching, you need to make sure you are using a valid source. Look for sites ending in:
These are usually from colleges, universities and government bodies.
The internet can be a minefield for beginners. Here are 3 basic tips to help you
Hey @bbcollege
If you have a question... post it on our FB page or tweet it to @DigiPals and we will put it in our next issue.
Meet the DigiPals team...
Ensure a website is secure before sharing your personal details or bank details. Look for the 'https' at the start of the web address and a gold padlock which indicates it is secure.
Using your college email address provides you with FREE:
- 1 TB of storage
- Microsoft suite (word, powerpoint, excel, onenote etc)
Interview with
Edd Talbot
Why is Moodle important?
What Moodle does is bring blended learning to Blackburn College and to the rest of the world. It will enhance the class room and allow students to learn in a more effective and flexible way.

How do you think Moodle can be used more in the classroom?
At Blackburn College we have quite sporadic use of technology. We need to get people moving away from Microsoft word and PDFs and consider the accessibility of other materials they can use. We can then get staff and students using their own devices in the classroom because Moodle resources are compatible with mobile devices.

Moodle has so many resources available to staff and students. How long was it in development for?
It's in constant development, it changes as a major update comes out every 6 months, minor updates are done on a weekly basis. We are constantly amending the code in the background.

How do you think Moodle can be improved?
You can look at any software and find faults. There are still areas of Moodle that are a little bit clunky. But they are improving all the time. We encourage staff and students to give feedback and shape the future of Moodle.
This is what you said in our recent survey...
How to access and use student OneDrive
Our Submission video for a bid to...
QR Codes: How to use and create
Click this link...
...students as
Students as drivers of change
Students as
digital leaders
Students as
Students as
Students as
The aim of this project is to support a cross college CultureShift, embedding learning technology within staff and student practice.

Case Studies
Conference for staff and students to present findings
Build external collaborative groups
Student Voice informs strategy and vision...
Roaming iPads


This is captured via numerous methods... surveys, weekly DigiPals meetings, all student reps invited to Principals Breakfast - You said... We did..., Moodle Polls etc.

DigiPals Mission of the Week
Founded 126 years ago

Approx. 15,000 students

1,200 Staff - 800 teaching staff

Pre-entry to Masters levels

Town campus consisting of 10 buildings

Vocational, Sixth Form, University, Commercial and International

Our drivers for using technology...

Should enable us to deliver cheaper, deeper, faster, more relevant learning

Should enable us to reach a wider catchment area

Should make Blackburn College a must place to study

Should enable students: to find information, to create, to critique and share knowledge

Should bring joy and engagement, some fun and playfulness

Should enable them to learn inside AND beyond the classroom

Should enable staff to create more stimulating and interactive lessons

Should provide further opportunities for collaboration on global level

Should inject more fun - ultimately making their lessons more exciting and interesting to deliver

Changing the Learning Landscape is about enabling higher education institutions in England, including colleges of further education providing higher education, to bring about change in their strategic approaches to technology in learning and teaching.
Culture Shift - Part 1
Dawn of the DigiPals...
Students who actively promote technology across College... digital champions, affectionately known as DigiPals.
They represent the students on College on committees, focus groups and College events from a digital learning perspective.
Specialist DigiPal skills
OpenBadges Designs
Instructional videos
Instruction guides
Promotional films
Digi-Know? newsletter
Photo Gallery
Does it impact positively on your learning?
Do you ITL lessons?
Do you enjoy it?
The role of DigiPals:
Focus Groups...
Whats can the DigiPals do for you?
DigiPal: ...from Technophobe to technophile
Instructional videos
Instructional videos
4 Staff DigiPals
6 Student DigiPals
12 Teaching Staff Volunteers
24 Learners (2 learners per staff)
12 modules (1 module each)
Pre/post-project stats
(obs grade, retention, achievement, moodle engagement, iPad utilisation etc)
Individual Self-Assessment Tool test
Pre/post-Interview questions
Scheme of work/lesson plans
Staff-Student discussion
DigiPal Intervention
Bespoke training by DigiPals
Communities of Practice
3 little questions for our learners...
Our meet the DigiPals team video...
Here's how we
spread the word...
The aim of this project is to support a cross college CultureShift, embedding learning technology within staff and student practice.
Case Studies
Conference for staff and students to present findings
Build external collaborative groups

12 Teaching Staff Participants
12 modules
(1 module per participant)
24 Learners
(2 learners per staff)
4 Staff DigiPals
6 Student DigiPals
Pre-project Interview
Collect data:
observation grade
moodle engagement
iPad utilisation etc)
Interim Meetings
DigiPal Staff review:
Module rationale
Learning Outcomes
SoW/lesson plans
current methods of delivery
Areas of for improvement
DigiPals intervention plan:
revise the scheme of work
provide suggested outline lesson plans
consider staff/student areas for improvement

Communities of Practice
Learning Wheel
DigiKnow Newsletter
DigiPal instructional videos
Learning Futures Mentor
Google Mentor
Mtg 1: Staff-Student discussion regarding SoW/LP proposals/arrange training by DigiPals

Mtg 2: Check on staff and student progress. Feedback.

Mtg 3: Further revisions, extension activities, further application other modules
A CPD programme delivered by 10 DigiPals (4 staff/6 students) to roll out professional development on the use of technology for learning.

The ‘DigiPals’ will foster collaboration internally and externally and bridge the gap between teachers, learners and technical teams...

They will support teachers, trainers, assessors and learners to develop new skills, gain confidence and trial new approaches to technology enhanced learning.

Transferable outputs:
A transferable teacher-learner professional development model
Four Communities of Practice bringing together 30 stakeholders
Co-creation of toolkits and resources including twenty case studies
Identification and trial of new Apps, learning technologies and examples of best practice
A Digital Literacy Skills Scan model promoting self-reflection
CultureShift I
CultureShift II
Post-project Interview
Collect data:
observation grade
moodle engagement
iPad utilisation etc)
documented evidence of progress
Learning Wheel
How do you persuade the workforce that technology is a useful tool?
LF Dissemination Day
Mon 29 June 2015
Confirmed Keynotes:
Bob Harrison - Feltag/Etag
Sue Owen Evans - LF
Sarah Knight - Jisc
Andy Harris - Ofsted

Thank you

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