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Whirlpool/Inland Steel Case Analysis

Presented By: Chris Cate, David Duffy, Eric Grice, Jesse Kilgore, Zach Roach, and Kristen West

Jesse Kilgore

on 31 January 2011

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Transcript of Whirlpool/Inland Steel Case Analysis

Presented By Chris Cate, David Duffy, Eric Grice, Jesse Kilgore, Zach Roach, and Kristen West Whirlpool/Inland Steel Case Analysis Whirlpool Corp Reduction of Suppliers Long-Term Alliance
Early Involvement
Daily Redesign Support
Continuous Improvement Inland Steel Reduction of Costs
Early Involvement Equipment Upgrade
Allows for Alignment Company Background Incorporated in St. Joseph, MI Produces Comsumer Appliances Focused on Brand Value Creation No Longer Incorporated Produced Steel Shoreside Location Whirlpool Corp Inland Steel Benefits of Alliance Drawbacks of Alliance The Path to Trust Change in Corporate Culture Information Exchange Strategic Alignment Following Through Customer Relationship Management Company Partnership Goals Significant Capital Investment High Degree of Risk Loss of Current and Potiential Customers Confidence in Supplier Cost Reduction Maximization of Profitability Channel Input Exchange Vis-a-Vis Strategy Closing Statement Enduring Promise Focus on End User
Satisfaction Long Term Survival and Prosper
For Both Companies Cross-Functional Teams Cost Cutting Through Optimization Company Communication
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