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Ng Jeffery

on 17 November 2015

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Transcript of CB2601

Company background
Environmental Review
Political Environment
Economic Environment
Social Environment
Technological Environment
Company Review
Competitor Review-759 stores
Consumer Review
Cultural Aspect
Social Aspects
Personal Aspects
Psychological Aspects
SWOT Analysis Summary
Competitor Review
Company Background
Environmental Review
Company review
SWOT Analysis
Marketing Plan
Okashi Land

Thank you!
CHAN Yuen Ting(54402786)
LEUNG tak lok(54387975)
Leung ka huen(54388505)
Liu pak yin(54395207)
Kwok chi ho(54387557)
Ng jeffery(54387778)
ng pui sha(54398732)

Establish in 1997
Owned by FSML Limited
Specializes in selling Japanese sancks
Aimed at offering trendy and high quality products
Political Environment
1.Nutrition Labelling Scheme
Customers may compare the nutritional content of different product in order to choose the best product that suits them

->The shops may need to import different brand to satisfy customer's needs
->Cost for changing snacks' content may increase
Economic Environment
1.Infation rate increase
Consumer's income cannot catch up the price change

->Cut Expenditure on snacks(Normal Goods)
->Replace the snacks they choose(From Japanese snacks to other cheaper snacks)
2.Devaluation of Japanese YEN
Price of Japanese food decrease(in HKD)

->Can easily provide discounts/lower the price
->Increase competitiveness
Social Environment
1.Demographic change
No. of elderly will increase from 1.0 million (2013) to 2.6 million (2041)

->Less desire for normal snacks
->Can be a huge market if the company can provide some healthy snacks(EG:Wagashi...)

2.People concern about snacks
Normally snack are being treated as unhealthy food
People nowadays are more concern about health

->Less desire for snacks
Technological Environment
1.Popularity of online shopping
Convenient for customers
Decrease Traveling time
Better price and discounts
Huge variety of products available

->Decrease the demand of going to shops outdoors
->Can use this new platform to promote the brand(Improve relationship and service with customers)
Existing positioning
Aims to surprise our customers with new arrivals and unexpected activities

->Keep in touch with customers and create a sense of freshness
Market Position
Market Challenger
Undergoes the focus strategy by specializing in selling Japanese snacks
Mainly Japanese snacks(Japanese brand)
Mainly imported from Japan

->Product quality is guaranteed
High price
Due to high transportation costs and cruiser service costs
Discounts are provided to VIP customers
Discount rates are varied
Variety of payment methods
Support cash payment, credit card, EPS(But no octopus payment)
Highly accessible and convenient for customers
Many stores located near MTR Stations
Official website and Facebook page
Updated with the latest products and promotion details
Eye-catching logo and theme color
Attractive to customers
Thank You
Q&A Time!
Located at highly accessible locations
Eg.Insides the MTR station
VIP membership scheme
Maintain loyal customers
High quality products
Direct imported from Japan
Stores are not closed to residencial areas
may lose customers who usually visit the estate-linked shopping mall
Too focus on Japanese snacks
Types of snacks decrease
Limited customer's choices for other snacks (e.g. Korean snacks), therefore the company might lose some potential customers
High transportation courier service cost
Lead to relatively high product price
Fail to attract the customers from grass-root families

Technological advancement
Develop online mall
Economic prosperity
Improve relationship with customers
Collect comments/ideas via emails and social networking sites for improvement
Keen competition
Lots of competitors in the market
People's demand for snacks decreases
Health concern
Aging population
Decrease in growth rate and profits
Strong and Close competitor?
Large stores area
Pleasant shopping environment
Many branch stores(Around 250 in HK)
Highly accessible
Wide variety of snacks form all around the world
Satisfy different customer's taste
The price of snacks are relatively cheap
Affordable for all class in society(Huge market)
Complicated management structure
Delay decision-making processes
Selling price are unexpectedly low
Other shops unite together to fight against it by price wars
The branches are in rental purpose
Easy to be threatened by the property developers by increasing the rental expense
A wide range of products and includes different brandings
Individually packaged (Ensure hygenie of the product)
Very resonable price
Offering membership and non-membership discounts
10%-30% off discounts for members
10%-20% off discounts for non-members
Variety methods for payment
Cash, credit card, EPS, Octopus Card, TNG Wallet apps
Widespread & Convenience
Residential areas and shopping malls
Direct imported from suppliers
Indirect Marketing Channel
Role: Retailer

Communicate & Spread messages via Facebook or official website
Application for smartphone
Sales promotion

Consumer Review
Cultural Aspect
Huge shift in dining habit in Chinese’s mind
Confucian thought (3 meals a day on time) → both instrumental eating & emotional eating are accepted
Because of weakening attention on traditional concepts and stressful life
Korean culture
Tend to buy Korean products based on celebrity effect
Social Aspect
People are used to browse online/social networking sites
receive latest products and promotion information
can compare different shop (many subsitutes)
Parenting effects
Consider the wants of kids more often
Buy affordable & favourable goods to them
But start to worry if snacks bring health problem to child
Prohibit them to buy snacks
Personal Aspect
Economic situation
High income, Quality > Price (Vice versa)
Snacks are treated as kind of unhealthy food by the general public
Addict to snacks might lead to some sort of diseases
EG.Diabetes, Obesity, etc.
Teachers use snacks as a kind of reward for students
Psychological Aspect
Some people consume snacks for relieving stress and anxiety at work/school
1.the nutrition labelling scheme
2. Company Profile(759 Store)
3. Official Website of Okashi Land
4. Official Website of Aji Ichiban
5. Official Website of 759 Store
6. Third Quarter Economic Report 2013

Target Market and Positioning Strategies
Middle class&Working class
Avoid market leader and attack market challenger
Marketing Objectives
Increase market share
Attract more customers, especially from working class
Marketing Mix Programs
''Buy 1 get 1free'' policy
Create gimmicks and stimulate popularity by providing big discounts from time to time
Install octopus machines to make payments convenient
Advertisement in the Internet ad on TV
Offer different types of snacks with more choices of brands
Attractive design to raise people awareness towards our products
Limited edition snacks which crossover cartoon characters
Shift the locations of shops to housing estates ad popular streets like Nathan Road
People living in housing estates can buy snacks from the company
Attract tourist customers
6-months marketing plan
The Deluxe Box in Chinese New Year

Introduce the deluxe box which suits Chinese tradition
Aim at attracting families
Contains several kinds of snacks such as candies, biscuits and cakes
Cooperate with some convenience stores (e.g. 7-11, Circle K) so that the deluxe box can be bought in many places

The Chocolates in the Valentine’s Day and White Day

Chocolates in heart or rose shapes for the Valentine's Day (February 14) and the White Day (March 14)

The Chocolates in the Valentine’s Day and White Day

Aim at attracting couples
Provide delivery service for people who want to send the gift to their lovers
Cooperate with flower shops

Easter Promotion

Easter chocolate eggs bag
Attract children customers

The mixture of snacks and toys in the Children’s Day

Aim at attracting teenagers and children
Sell healthy snacks like nuts and dried fruits which are provided by the Japanese snacks suppliers like Bandai and Kabaya
With little toys or dolls into a single package of snacks
Cooperate with Toys"R"Us as Bandai has its own counter for selling other types of toys, we may put the snacks on that counter
To promote the release of healthy snac

Summer sales
Provide cut-price products
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