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Polar Bears!

This is going to be all about Polar Bears!

Hannah Sund

on 23 March 2012

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Transcript of Polar Bears!

Polar Bears! What has been done to save polar bears? What other effects are happining because polar bears are endangerd? Why are polar bears endangerd? My Resorces! This makes me relize that if the polar bears die the Artic Fox will die to, because they feed off of the polar bears food. Diet Artic Foxes will die from starvation! Seals will overpopulate. Seals
Other animals
Rarly humans This is important because,polar bears keep the seals in balance! National Geographic.com Yahoo!Kids.com Rusian people have banned huntting polar bears. The world would smeel of dead animals. Fish would get out of hand. Globle Warming is melting the polar bears home! Breed their food. Try to breed the polar bear for a big come back. People tag the polar bears so they can keep track of them. Hunting for fur! Prey loss. Iceburges falling apart. Scientists try to find any diseses that could kill a polar bear. http://www.alaska-in-pictures.com/polar-bear-cub-picture-917-pictures.htm http://polarbearpictures.org/Cute-Polar-Bear-Cub.html http://wallpapers-diq.com/en/15_~_Snow_White_Arctic_Fox.html http://surf.transworld.net/files/2008/12/17/harp-seal-baby.jpg http://www.polarbearhunting.net/tale.htm Hunter who has killed a Polar Bear. http://www.mycuteanimals.com/category/wild-animals/
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