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Walter Benjamin vs Baudrillard

No description

Brian Capitao

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of Walter Benjamin vs Baudrillard

Side B Side A Walter Benjamin vs Baudrillard reproduction destroys tradition Idea of examination and inspection (i.e the surgeon as opposed to the surgeon.) Film allows everything to been seen in real time but in a new light. Like the surgeon, film dissects and isolates individual images creating an autonomous interpretation rather than a collective discourse. images carry symbolic importance for creating self-identity and value of autonomy. Believed in recycling culture so that things may be reanimated and reworked. "Reactivation" (Benjamin) Reproductions have their own aura. We recycle to capture strength and authority of original. Nihilistic, Bankruptcy of positivism. We can longer trust our senses. Replication of images leads to worship of profane. The fake is perceived as real. compare to dadaistic movement. Art as means for itself. compare to white noise an systematic failure of language. In contrast to Stuart Hall, living in a false consciousness. Stuart Hall argues that things need to be in circulation for validity. Baudrillard believed that the reproduced image would destroy the real or 'authentic'.
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