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LSA2010 theories

theories on crime

sam mcdonald

on 17 May 2010

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Transcript of LSA2010 theories

Theories on crime Broken Window thesis This theory states that, if somebody were to throw a stones at some windows and brake them then a passer-by may suggest that no one cares about the building or the street itself. After awhile that street is deserted execpt for the young and criminals and this will start drug deals and prostitution. Gangs start to inhabit the area,small disagreemants lead to big fights which might lead to gunfight and possibly murder. hfdfjhi dsfsfsaf Rational Choice Theory This theory says that people commit crime out of self-intrest. They commit crimes and never think of the risk.
Schools "Cycle of Violence" When a parent neglects their child, the child is going to do the same thing to their kids,and those kids to their kids its a violent cycle
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