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Political Parties in Australia

A prezi on The Nationals and The Australian Greens. (made for Politics)

Csilla Kálmán

on 20 April 2011

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Transcript of Political Parties in Australia

The Greens VS. The Nationals It's On! The Motto The Greens: The Nationals: “Change begins with us,
so get involved.”
“Nationals for regional
Party Policies The Greens: - Ecological sustainability

- Participation in democracy

- Social justice

- Peace and non-violence
The Nationals - Building stronger regional economies

- Secure communities

- Delivering opportunity and prosperity
for all regional Australians.

- Ensuring a sustainable environment. History of the Party The Greens: - The first Green party in the world began in Australia in 1972, The United Tasmania Group, which grew out of pioneering Australian environment campaigns.

- In 1992, the Australian Greens formed a national party.

- Today there are Greens representatives at every level of government across Australia.

- The Australian Greens are also part of the Global Greens network, with around 70 Greens parties established world-wide.

- The Greens are the fastest growing party in the country The Nationals: - The Australian Country Party was formed as a party in the
Federal parliament in 1920.

- In 1974, the party’s Federal Council agreed to the
name being changed from Australian Country Party to
National Country Party of Australia.

- And in 1982, The Party’s Federal Conference in Canberra
voted to change the federal name to the National Party
of Australia.

- Federal Conference in Canberra agreed the Federal Party’s
constitutional name should be changed to The Nationals in 2006. Famous Leaders The Greens: The Nationals: - Bob Brown

- Andrew Bartlett

- Brian Walters

- Clive Hamilton

- Kathleen Maltzahn

- Peter Singer
- Barnaby Joyce

- John Forrest

- Warren Truss

- John McEwen

- Sir Earle Page

- Sir Arthur Fadden
Most Recent Leader The Greens: The Nationals: Bob Brown Warren Truss Thank you!
combination of responsible government and federalism 3 tires of government: local, state, federal bicameral system: the House of Representatives and the Senate (House of Review)
instead of a President there is a Governor General Who is the Governor General of Australia? Ms Quentin Bryce AC Lower House: members representing geographical electorates
150 members
larger population->more repres.
preferential voting system

Upper House:
76 members
is divided evenly btw. the states
proportional preferential voting system by state and Cabinet Ministers (elected by the Members of the H. of Repr.) became an independent nation on 1 January 1901
constutional monarchy
written constitution
the reigning British monarch is also the Australian monarch, Australia's Head of State
Governor-General Australian Politics Commonwealth Government=National Government, Federal Government

powers: taxation, defense, foreign affairs, postal and telecommunication services, making laws for Australia's territories

states: police, education, hospitals, public transport 3 arms of government:
Judiciary Legislature parliament
made up of democratically elected representatives
Parliament House? Executive administrative arm
departments, agencies
Ministers put laws into operation and uphold those Prime Minister=Head of Australia's Government Prime Minister? Julia Gillard Judiciary legal arm
enforces Australia's laws
High Court of Australia
Federal Courts
27th PM since 24 June 2010
1st woman PM State Government
each state has its own state constitution
they are permitted to pass laws
the head of each state government is known as the Premier
Local Government (Councils)
handle community needs
state governments define the powers of the local gov.

Political Parties Australian Labor Party
Liberal Party
the Nationals
Australian Greens
Australian Democrats
One Nation

Australian Labor Party the oldest party, formed in 1890
since 1901: the only party to have been continuously represented in the H.of R.
since 2006: has governed under Kevin Rudd (to 24 June 2010) and Julia Gillard (since 24 June 2010-still)
Minister of Foreign Affairs since 14 September 2010 Liberal Party formed in 1910
has undergone several reformations
iconic founder: Robert Menzies in 1944

PM: 1944-1966
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