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Micro Apartments

No description

Rita Chandra

on 25 February 2014

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Transcript of Micro Apartments

So how do we fit more people into cities?
First you need a Murphy Bed
Then remove your laundry
Be smart about your storage...
...and smart about your furniture
The Barcode Room Concept
A smart use of space and technology, the future of our apartments?
Micro Apartments
"Meeting the affordable housing needs of a growing population, in particular, a growing population of one and two person households" - Mayor Bloomberg
NYC Mayor Bloomberg's Experiment - adAPT NYC Competition
Challenge: To design and construct an apartment building with 23-34sq m units
Example ~28sq m floorplan
The Winner - Monadnock Development LLC, Actors Fund Housing Development Corp. and nArchitects
"My Micro NY"

- 55 units (23-34sq m)
- 10ft ceilings
- balconettes
- large windows
- common rooftop garden and porch with picnic tables
- communal lounge which can seat 20 people for dinner
- modular construction (pre fab)
So fitting all the functions of this 56 sq m apartment...
Into this 28 sq m apartment...
But how?
Through smart joinery, smart furnishing and smart technology
Gary Chang's 24-rooms-in-1, Hong Kong
The Living Room
The Kitchen
The Bedroom
The Dining Room
The Spa
The Storage Room
The Study
The Projector
The Laundry
The Library
The Bathroom
The Wardrobe
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